Learning Support

Learning Support assists students in improving their academic and personal preparedness for entering a program of study.

Persons who seek to enroll at Southern Regional Technical College and do not satisfy recommended admission standards for regular or provisional admissions are eligible for Learning Support Admissions. Learning Support offers instruction in the fundamentals of reading, math, and English, thus improving the student's chance of success upon enrolling in a regular program of study.

Placement into Learning Support courses is determined from the student’s scores on the admissions placement exam. Based upon test results, the student may be recommended to take classes in one, two, or all of these areas. If an applicant scores below the recommended level for entry into Learning Support Admissions, referral will be made to the College’s Adult Literacy program.

Learning Support and Financial Aid

Students who are enrolled only in the Learning Support program are not eligible to receive the Federal Pell Grant, Title IV aid programs. However, a student who is provisionally admitted to a program may receive the FEDERAL PELL GRANT or TITLE IV aid programs for the hours registered in a Degree or Diploma program. A student, thusly admitted may not attempt more than forty (40) credit hours of remedial work. Students taking Learning Support may receive HOPE aid if they meet HOPE requirements for the Degree, Diploma, or Certificate program they wish to enter.


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