RADT 1010 – Introduction to Radiology
Pre-requisite(s): Program Admission
Pre/Co-requisite(s): RADT 1030, RADT 1320
NOTE: Students enrolled in this course are required to complete the WKET 1000 course during the same term .

Introduces a grouping of fundamental principles, practices, and issues common to many specializations in the health care profession. In addition to the essential skills, students explore various delivery systems and related issues. Provides the student with an overview of radiography and patient care. Students will be oriented to the radiographic profession as a whole. Emphasis will be placed on patient care with consideration of both physical and psychological conditions. Topics include: ethics, medical and legal considerations, “Right to Know Law”, professionalism, basic principles of radiation protection, basic principles of exposure, equipment introduction, health care delivery systems, hospital and departmental organization, hospital and technical college affiliation, medical emergencies, pharmacology/contrast agents, media, OR and mobile procedures patient preparation, death and dying, body mechanics/transportation, basic life support/CPR, and patient care in radiologic sciences.