RNSG 1911 Health Assessment Through the Lifespan
Pre-requisite(s): BIOL 2113, BIOL 2113L, BIOL 2114, BIOL 2114L, COMP 1000, ENGL 1101, MATH 1111, PSYC 1101, Program Admission
Pre/Co-requisite(s): BIOL 2117, BIOL 2117L
NOTE: Students enrolled in this course are required to complete the WKET 1000 course during the same term .

This course is a study of the role of the associate degree nurse and the application of basic skills related to health history collection and physical assessment of all body systems. The course includes the consideration of nutritional, bio/psycholosocial, developmental, cultural and spiritual needs, and transitional changes related to variations in health status of the client. The establishment and maintenance of a therapeutic nurse/client relationship is emphasized. Critical thinking skills are developed through activities and exercises presented in the classroom, skills lab, and computer laboratory that focus on student application of the nursing process, data collection via physical assessment, and the development of a plan of care. Guided learning experiences in the skills and computer laboratories assist the student to make a learning transition. The transition occurs as the student moves from existing skills to more advanced nursing skills. Guidance is provided to the student as the basics of data collection, health history interviewing techniques, and knowledge required to assess each body system is learned. The student applies the standards of practice in adhering to legal and ethical standards related to basic assessment of diverse clients.