RNSG 1931 Introduction to Nursing Principles of Pharmacy
Pre-requisite(s): BIOL 2113, BIOL 2113L, BIOL 2114, BIOL 2114L, COMP 1000, ENGL 1101, MATH 1111, PSYC 1101, Program Admission
Pre/Co-requisite(s): BIOL 2117, BIOL 2117L

This course is a study of the concepts that promote the administration of medica¬tion with concern for safety and precision. Incorporated into this course are major principles of applied mathematics including fractions, decimals, conversions between the various systems of weights and measures, and the use of ratio and proportion. The associate degree nursing student utilizes these concepts to solve dosage calculations that are frequently seen in a variety of health care settings. Foundations of pharmacology, drug action at the physiologic level, and drug preparation and administration to diverse clients as they transition throughout the lifespan is included. The action, side effects, range of dosage, and the route of administration of commonly used medications will be discussed. The student will gain knowledge in the system of classification/prototypes of drugs according to body systems. Legal factors relating to medication administration are also empha¬sized. The course utilizes activities that stimulate critical thinking.