RNSG 2941 Life Transitions VI: Clinical Decision Making (Virtual Hospital Experience)
Pre/Co-requisite(s): RNSG 2920, RNSG 2930
NOTE: Students enrolled in this course are required to complete the WKET 2020 course during the same term .

In this capstone course, students will be challenged to synthesize and incorporate knowledge of the nursing profession, and the roles and responsibilities related to associate degree nursing care into practice. The student is expected to apply knowledge accumulated throughout the associate degree nursing program in the care of diverse groups of clients in the practice setting. Information gained from a historical perspective along with current trends and issues in nursing will be incorporated throughout the course. Emphasis will be placed on assisting the student to make the transition from student to graduate nurse through virtual hospital, preceptorship experiences, and leadership opportunities. These reality -based practice experiences will provide the student with opportunities to provide and manage care while serving in the role of team member and team leader. Students will provide care to clients experiencing complex, acute, and emergency variations in health status related to the pathophysiological changes occurring with burns, organ failure, organ transplants, end-of-life issues, and disaster situ¬ations. The student will demonstrate critical thinking skills; utilize the principles of delegation; and exhibit communication and collaboration techniques in the management of a client caseload.