The College counselor is available for day and evening students to provide career counseling, academic advising, personal counseling, and crisis intervention. Personal counseling is voluntary and is strictly confidential. Students may also be referred to community resources and/or providers.

Through the Counseling Office, the student has access to an array of services to meet their career exploration needs, including an internet based interactive career exploration and education planning program. Students are able to use these multiple resources in making a comprehensive analysis of interests, values, skills, and personality that will guide them towards careers that best suit them and prepare for their futures. Through self-analysis and career exploration the student can discover the best possible fit in the College setting and start out more focused on their goals.

Please call or email for an appointment with the College counselor. Walk-in appointments are available as time permits.

Dr. Jeanine Long
Director of Career Services and Counseling
Phone: 229-227-2668

Career Counseling

MCP Online Career Exploration
MCP enables you to:

  • Self-Assess your career related Interests, Skills & Abilities, Values and Personality Type. The results are used to identify occupations matching your personal attributes. You can combine the results of any 2 or more of their assessment profiles and experiment with the level of education to which you aspire.
  • Broaden your career horizons by exploring occupations and education programs that match their assessment profiles. MCP has over 1200 occupations, most with videos, and 3,500 major areas of study and training programs. Complete descriptions of occupations are provided including the nature of the work and duties, education& training requirements, skills, earnings, advancement, job outlook, work settings etc.
  • Search for specific occupations by Name and Type of Industry