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By popular demand, your SRTC IT Department has provided a list of helpful utilities while you are a student.  All of these are free and will remain free forever (at least according to the publishers).

Please use these tools at your own risk.  While we use these products on a daily basis, SRTC does not support or endorse any of these products.  There are a ton of free utilities that exist on the Internet; these are just our current favorites.


Libreoffice - Link

LibreOffice is an alternatice to Microsoft Office.  It will do everything that Office will do.  As long as you are not taking Comp1000, this software will work wonderfully.


Microsoft Security Essentials - Link

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus scanner.  So far it is one of the best we have ever seen in both detection rates (it finds the stuff it is supposed to) and resource friendliness (it doesn't slow your computer down).

Windows 7 or less.


Avira Antivirus - Link

Avira is another free antivirus that works on all versions of Windows.


MalwareBytes - Link

MalwareBytes is an excellent malware scanner tool.  Malware usually is not detected by antivirus scanners, so having a secondary scanner is a good idea.


CCleaner - Link

CCleaner is an excellent cleaning tool that removes any temporary files that are clogging up your computer.  It automatically scans for and ignores items that should be there and focuses on only the “bad” items.


Defraggler - Link

Defraggler is a replacement for Windows Defrag.  It helps organize your computer files (background ones that the computer uses, it will not change any of yours) so that the computer starts up faster and runs more efficiently.


Adobe Flash Player - Link

Adobe flash player is needed for a great number of websites.  Your Angel classes depend on this plugin.  Update it about every 6 months or so.


Adobe Reader - Link

Adobe reader allows you to open PDF files.  You will see lots and lots of PDFs.


Angel Secure Browser - Link

Instructions - PDF

Angel Secure Browser allows you to take tests inside of Angel.