Graduate Resources

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) offers several services to our Graduates and soon-to-be Graduates with the goal of assisting them in their careers.
Academic Records and Grades Services   Career Services
Students needing documentation (official or unofficial) regarding grades earned at SRTC can obtain that documentation through our Academic Record and Grades Services. Click Here to Learn More About Accessing Academic Records and Grade   SRTC offers a variety of services designed with the goal of preparing students to obtain their desired career by preparing them for the rigors of the job application and interview process. Click Here to Learn More About SRTC's Job Placement Services
Office of the Registrar   .
The Office of the Registrar offers many services to our Graduates. These services include: Transcript Requests, Credential Document Replacement, and Applications to Graduate. Click Here to Learn More the Office of the Registrar   .