Pharmacy Technology

Program Description: The Pharmacy Technology Diploma is designed to enable the student to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes for employment within a pharmacy. Program graduates will be able to perform a variety of technical duties related to preparing and dispensing drugs in accordance with standard procedures and laws under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. A variety of clinical experiences is designed to integrate theory and practice. Graduates will be employable as an entry level pharmacy technician.

Length of Program: One (1) semester of prerequisite courses found in the Health Care Assistant, TCC; Three (3) semesters of occupational courses.

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Entrance Dates: Prerequisite Courses open; however, the prerequisite course (MATH 1012 – Foundations of Mathematics) must be successfully completed prior to competitive program admission deadline.

Program Admission: Spring Semester

Entrance Requirements: Entry into this program is based on competitive admissions criteria. Contact the Click for Entrance Scores.

Age: Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.

Education: An applicant must be a high school graduate or the equivalent (GED). College transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis. 

Advisor: A advisor will be assigned by admissions.

Additional Requirements: American Heart Healthcare Provider CPR Certification, a complete physical examination, drug toxicology, and criminal background check prior to clinical education component of the Pharmacy Technology program. (At student’s expense)

Note: Before participating in clinical rotations, pharmacy technology students must register as a pharmacy technician with the Georgia Board of Pharmacy.

Note: Those who have been arrested/convicted of a moral and/or legal violation of the law may not be granted permission to participate in clinical rotations and take the national certification.

Program Final Exit Point: Pharmacy Technology, Diploma. Eligible to sit for the national certification exam given by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Credits Required for Graduation: 56 minimum semester hour credits required for graduation

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Credit Hours

1. Basic Skills Courses (9 hours)
  ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I 3
  PSYC 1010 Basic Psychology 3
  And one of the following (3 hours)
    MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics 3
    MATH 1013 Algebraic Concepts (3)
    MATH 1015 Geometry and Trigonometry (3)
2. Occupational Courses (47 hours)
  ALHS 1011 Anatomy and Physiology 5
  ALHS 1040 Introduction to Health Care 3
  ALHS 1090 Medical Terminology for Allied Health Sciences 2
  COMP 1000 Introduction to Computers 3
  PHAR 1000 Pharmaceutical Calculations 4
  PHAR 1010 Pharmacy Technology Fundamentals 5
  PHAR 1020 Principles of Dispensing Medications 4
  PHAR 1030 Principles of Sterile Medication Preparation 4
  PHAR 1040 Pharmacology 4
  PHAR 1050 Pharmacy Technology Practicum 5
  PHAR 2060 Advanced Pharmacy Technology Principles 3
  PHAR 2070 Advanced Pharmacy Technology Practicum 5