What is RAMP?

Remote Automation Management Project (RAMP) is an instructional delivery method by which students can receive support and competency training from a remote location.

RAMP utilizes VOIP communications, instant messaging, streaming video, and remote PC control. RAMP is being utilized to provide training in Mechatronic principles at the Secondary and Postsecondary levels.

RAMP should be utilized to supplement and support courses in the Mechatronics, Engineering, and Manufacturing Pathways. Students are guided by online content designed around the equipment that we utilize. When students have a question, they contact a RAMP instructor for one-on-one support via instant messaging or VOIP. The instructor remote accesses the students’ computers and views the equipment using a Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP camera. This allows us to effectively assist students remotely.

What is provided by RAMP?

• Daily access to subject matter experts.
• Access to online content customized to the equipment being supported.
• Installation, maintenance, and support of equipment.
• Software and Licensing

What competencies are currently taught via RAMP?

RAMP takes an integrated approach to teaching basic electronics, mechanics, fluid power, electrical controls, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

How do I get a RAMP site at my school?

Contact our RAMP Administrator, George Griffin. He can help you layout the logistics of your RAMP site and get approval from your institution. Once your school completes a service agreement, our RAMP team will come in to set up your site. You may purchase your own equipment, or, when available, you can use our equipment as part of your service agreement. Typically, site installs can be completed within a week.

What will need to provided?

• A space for the equipment
• 120VAC power
• A source of compressed air.
• A network jack.
• Configuration of IT settings to allow us to remote access equipment and allow students to access content.

Contact Us

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