SRTC Transient Student PROCEDURE


A student in good standing at another accredited college may be permitted to enroll as a transient student on a space-available basis at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) in order to complete work to be transferred back to the home college.  A transient student should be advised in writing by the home college concerning recommended courses.

Students wishing to enroll at SRTC as a transient student must:

1. Submit an application for admission to SRTC with a $20 non-refundable fee.

2. Present a statement or transient agreement from the Registrar or Academic Dean of the home college stating that
    the student is in good standing and eligible to return to that college.

3. Pay scheduled fees.

 SRTC students wishing to be a transient student elsewhere must be in good standing at SRTC and all prerequisite requirements for the course or courses must be met.  Good standing is defined as having a 2.0 cumulative GPA and being eligible to continue the program.  Any student dismissed from a program for the second time due to academic deficiency will be ineligible to receive a letter of transience to attend another college, as the student is not considered to be in good standing.  Transient credit is recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade designation of "TR", "TRA", "TRB", or "TRC".  The third letter indicates the grade earned in the course and will not be calculated in the student’s Academic GPA.

Students may earn no more than 75% of course work for a particular program of study through advanced placement or transient credit.


The Registrar has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.  


SBTAE Policy V.B.1. Admissions
SRTC Advanced Placement Procedure


Revised: 8-14-98; 12-5-00; 2-1-05; 7-31-07; 9-7-10; 6-4-13; 08-12-14