Student Success

At Southern Regional Technical College, we maintain our commitment to student success by offering an array of services that are accessible to all students. See SRTC’s Student Achievement Goals.

Student Success Resources include tutoring, advisement and counseling, career exploration and learning assessments, book loans, scholarships, student success workshops, and more.

Additional support services may be available for students in special populations. A single parent is an individual who is unmarried or legally separated from a spouse, and either has a minor child or children for which the parent has either custody or joint custody or is pregnant. A displaced homemaker is an individual who has worked primarily without pay to care for a home and family; and for that reason has diminished marketable skills; has become dependent on the income of another family member, but is no longer supported by that income; and is unemployed and is experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment. Services are also available for students enrolled in non-traditional programs, those programs where one gender makes up 25 percent or less of the workforce of the corresponding occupation, such as females in welding, drafting, or criminal justice and males in accounting, childcare, or many health sciences occupations. For additional information about non-traditional programs. Learn more about the Student Success Center.

Advisement & Counseling

Members of the faculty at SRTC serve as academic advisors. Students must meet with their program advisor before registering each semester.

Academic Advisors List

The College Counselor, Student Navigators, Retention Coordinator, Special Populations Coordinator, Retention/Special Populations Specialist and other Student Affairs staff are available to counsel and support students enrolled at Southern Regional Technical College. With the goal to support, inform and prepare students to be successful in the classroom and the workplace, our staff provides career counseling, special workshops, and other resources. Students have access to an array of services to meet their career exploration needs. Learn more about Career Services!

Student Workshops

In order to help students be successful in College, several Student Success Workshops are held each semester. Topics include Test Strategies, How to Reduce Test Anxiety, Time Management, Stress Management, Financial Aid Information, Financial Literacy, and more.

We are always looking for new topics to cover in our workshops. If you have a suggestion, email the Retention Specialist with your ideas.

Peer Mentoring Program

A mentor is someone who uses his or her knowledge and experience to guide others. The purpose of the peer mentoring program at SRTC is for students to have a “go-to” person who can help with any questions or challenges they may have while navigating through college life. There are many benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Benefits for mentors: develop leadership and problem-solving skills, pass on knowledge, strengthen understanding through teaching, friendship, volunteer credit, looks great on a resume!

Benefits for mentees: opportunity to learn from someone who has recently been there, extra academic and personal support and guidance from a peer, having a friend at school who can help you.

Are you interested in becoming a mentor or mentee?

Requirements for mentors: must be currently enrolled at SRTC with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and at least one semester completed; must be willing and able to meet with your mentee at least once a month. Start by completing the Mentor Application Form.

Requirements for mentees: must be currently enrolled at SRTC; must be willing and able to meet with your mentor at least once a month. Start by completing the Mentee Application Form.

For more information or to sign up as a mentor or mentee, please contact:

Connie Barrett
Retention/Special Population Specialist (Thomasville/Cairo)
Phone: 229-227-2676

Lisa Newton
Special Populations Coordinator (Moultrie/Tifton)


Student Success Centers

The Student Success Center(s) at SRTC are the place to receive academic assistance with specific classes or programs of study. The center provides access to direct one-on-one personal tutoring, video presentations, and computer based learning programs to promote your success at the College. The best part is that we provide a free service to SRTC students. So come visit and let us help you get on task.

SRTC tutors will help you overcome learning barriers, and we try to make learning fun. So come visit before class, after class, or between classes. We’re here for you.

The Student Success Center is conveniently located in Building A, Room #239 on the Thomasville campus and in Building A, Room #213 at the Moultrie Veterans Parkway campus, and in Building A at the Tifton campus. We are open during hours that would allow all students, regardless of work and class schedules, to get the assistance they need.

For more information and hours of operation, please visit the Student Success Center(s) web page.

Military Families for U.S. Military Families, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, is a program that allows eligible students (grades K-12) and service members in U.S. military families to connect to a live tutor online at any time for one-to-one help with homework, studying, test prep, proofreading and more at no cost. For more information please visit

Your Student Success Team

Dr. Jeanine Long

College Counselor
Phone: 229-227-2668

Dana Lewis,
Career Services Specialist, (Moultrie/Tifton)
Phone 229-891-7027 (Moultrie)
Phone 229-391-2611 (Tifton)

Darbie Avera
Student Navigator
Phone 229-217-4145

Gloria Lowe
Student Navigator
Phone: 229-225-5060

Lisa Newton
Special Populations Coordinator
Phone: 229-217-4132

Connie Barrett
Retention/Special Population Specialist (Non-Traditional Students, Displaced Homemakers, and Single Parents)
Phone: 229-227-2676

Larry Russell
Retention Coordinator
Phone: 229-227-2568