Student Drop/Withdrawal

  1. During the first (3) three days of the semester, students may drop courses without penalty.  After the third day of class, students are responsible for all tuition and fees for the course(s). 
  2. Students who desire to withdraw from courses after the first (3) three days of the semester but prior to the last two weeks of the term must complete the Course Withdrawal Form or see your course instructor.
  3. Course instructors are responsible for withdrawing through BannerWeb any student who violates the SRTC Attendance Procedure or the course Attendance Statement. 
  4. Students wishing to appeal an Administrative Withdrawal due to attendance should see the Dean who supervises the course instructor.
  5. This procedure applies to all students regardless of delivery method.
  6. Students who have been withdrawn from all courses must reapply for admission for the upcoming term.

Withdrawing from course(s) can have a negative impact on a student's financial aid eligibility and payments. Financial aid awards may be reduced if a student does not attend at least 60% of the course, in accordance with federal Title IV regulations. Students contemplating withdrawing from a course are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the financial aid implications. 

Online Withdrawal Form