A variety of short-term sub-committees are being used throughout the QEP process. Select a committee to learn more about its function.


Training Team

The QEP Training Team will assist with getting the word out about the QEP. Everyone has to be involved in the process, so this team will work to spread the word and encourage participation!

Lee Fletcher - Chair
Ashley Davis
Asha Dillard
Ralph Griffith
Wally Waldron


Scrapbook Team

The QEP Scrapbook Team will document the QEP process in pictures. We will be able to see the QEP unfold from beginning to end!

Alison Welch - Chair
Judi Bremer
Brandi Cooper
Christa Herring
Londa Wilson

Support Team

The QEP Support Team assists with the QEP process by meeting specific needs.

Kevin Cronin - Administrative Support and Web Support
Ashley Davis - Community & Off-site Campus Liason
Ryan Jorge - Web Support
Danny Mainprize - Technical Support

Research Team

The QEP Research Team assists with the QEP process by researching within the topic area as well as researching best practices.

Gail Roberts - Chair
Pam Johnson - Library Assistant
Evelyn Kelly - Library Assistant
Sue Stephenson - Librarian