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Technical Support

Online Courses

To comply with accreditation requirements for the validation of student identity for all online courses, all students enrolled in online courses are required to complete at least one proctored event during the semester.  Proctored examinations may only be administered to students who have verified their identity with a photo ID.  SRTC does not charge for proctoring; however, other proctoring sites may charge a fee.  Students are responsible for any expenses that may be incurred to secure a proctor.  Any student who does not complete a proctored event will either be withdrawn from the courses or fail the course depending on the date of the proctored event.  A proctored event which is not completed within the semester due to extenuating circumstances will be evaluated by the Distance Education Director.  If approved by the Distance Education Director and the Dean for Academic Affairs for that particular division, the event may be rescheduled for a later date, and the student may be assigned an "I" or an "IP".

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Contact Us

Peggy Wilson
Distance Education Director
(229) 217-4227
Moultrie Campus,  Room B220A

James “Art” Beveridge
Distance Education Coordinator
(229) 227-2680
Thomasville Campus, Room A128

Katie Harrison
Distance Education Specialist and Chief Pearson View Test Administrator
(229) 217-4172
Moultrie Campus,Room  B221

Linda Stanfill
Distance Education Facilitator and Pearson View Administrator
(229) 217-4157
Moultrie Campus, Room  B 220

Brandi Cooper
Audio-Visual/Information Technology Specialist
(229) 225-4326
Thomasville Campus, Room A128