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Topic Selection Team

The purpose of the QEP Topic Selection Team is to review the QEP themes that were generated from data as well as from the QEP suggestion box and narrow them down to one theme. The Topic Selection Team will review each theme and complete a rubric to determine the degree to which the theme (1) relates to our mission, (2) is a college need supported by data, (3) can broadly affect student learning across the college environment and (4) can generate student learning outcomes. At the end of the process, the Topic Selection Team will have one QEP theme selected to provide to the QEP Development Team.


QEP Topic Selection Team:

Mr. Steve Wooten – QEP Topic Selection Team Chair (

Faculty, Math


Ms. Megan Bivens, Associate Degree Nursing Instructor

Mr. Grant MacDonnell, Computer Information Systems Instructor

Mr. Sonny Scully, Welding and Joining Technology Instructor

Ms. Londa Wilson, Social Work Instructor


Ms. Sue Johnson, Business Administrative Technology


Ms. Kay Hathaway, Accounting Technician

Ms. Gloria Lowe, Retention Coordinator


Ms. Nicole Antoine, Business Administration

Mr. Phil Jackson, Nursing

Mr. Richard Saxe, Drafting

Community Member:

Mr. Dennis Hettinger, Corporate Human Resources Director, Cleaver Brooks

Ex-Officio members include:

Ms. Jessica Barfield, Early Childhood Care and Education Instructor

QEP Planning Team Member

Mr. Dennis Lee, Dean of Academic Affairs

QEP Planning Team Co-Chair

Dr. Jeanine Long, Director of Career Placement and Development

QEP Planning Team Member

Mr. Travis Timmons, English Instructor

QEP Planning Team Member

Ms. Summer Washington, Psychology Instructor

QEP Planning Team Co-Chair


Topic Selection Team Minutes

April 13, 2010

May 4, 2010

May 11, 2010

May 17, 2010

May 25, 2010