Transfer Students

Applicants to Southern Regional Technical College who have been previously enrolled at a college will be considered for admission under the following policies:

(a) Applicants who are in good standing at their previous college may be accepted in good standing; and

(b) Applicants who are on academic probation at their previous college may be accepted only on academic probation.

A student may receive transfer credit for courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university when the following conditions are met:

  • An official transcript is on file in the Admissions Office.
  • A grade of “C” or higher has been earned for each course to be transferred. Some programs may require a higher grade for specific courses.
  • When requested by the Admissions Office, approval is recommended by the instructor and/or the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the transfer credit. The final decision rests with the Registrar.
  • There are no time limits on courses for most applicants/students in the areas of Humanities, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science from the date of acceptance into the program. There is a time limit for all applicants/students of five (5) years for courses in their major area. For Allied Health Education applicants/students there is a five (5) year time limit on courses in the areas of Mathematics and Science from the date of acceptance into the program. Students faced with the 5-year time limit rule may request an exemption exam (schedule of exemption examination dates) to demonstrate proficiency and receive credit.
  • Credit hours assigned to transferred courses are the same as the credit hours awarded at the sending institution when credits do not exceed the number of credit hours assigned to equivalent courses at Southern Regional Technical College. The maximum hours of credit given shall not exceed the number of hours awarded for the same course at Southern Regional Technical College.
  • Transfer credit awarded to a student is indicated by the letters “TR” on the Official transcript.
  • Some programs may require students to demonstrate proficiency of prerequisite skills selected by instructor.

Credit By Examination (Exemption)

A student may receive course credit for previous experiences such as employment in the field, military training, corporate courses, or other similar experiences. Credit by examination (written and/or performance) is granted only under the following conditions: A student must:

  • Be accepted or enrolled at Southern Regional Technical College.
  • Present evidence to the advisor which would indicate that the education or training received has been received or that work experience which is similar to that given in a course being challenged has been earned.
  • Submit a request to the instructor no later than 12:00 noon on the day the exam is scheduled (exams are normally scheduled the day before the first day of class).
  • Pay for the test at the Business Office - 25% of the tuition cost.
  • Earn at least an 70% grade on the examination to receive course credit.
  • The student must have the permission of his/her advisor to take an exemption examination. The testing fee must be paid at the Business Office prior to taking the exam. The student will show the receipt to the faculty member conducting the examination. The advisor is responsible for reporting the course number, course title and credit hours to the Registrar on a “Request for Credit for Previous Training” form.
  • Exemption credit awarded to a student is indicated by the letters “EX” on the official transcript. The hours for the exempted course will not be computed in the grade point average or appear on the quarterly grade report.

Standardized Exam Credit

Colleges may award credit based on nationally normed exams, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • CLEP- Credit may be awarded for successful completion of an appropriate CLEP (College Level Examination Program) subject area examination.
  • Advanced Placement Examinations - Credit may be awarded to students who have taken appropriate courses (determined equivalent to courses offered at SRTC) in high school and achieve a score of 3 on the Advanced Placement Examination. The Advanced Placement Examinations are offered by the College Entrance Examination Board.

Military Training Credit

SRTC may award credit for training received in the Armed Forces. The training should be certified by the Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education or by the official catalog of the Community College of the Air Force or similar document. Credit may be given when training experience meets required competencies of courses offered at the College.

Credit for Previous Training

At Southern Regional Technical College, instructors make a recommendation for the awarding of credit for previous training or experience to the Instructional Service administrators. The appropriate administrator forwards the request to the Registrar, if he/she agrees with the instructor's recommendation. The Registrar determines whether or not credit will be awarded.