Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is SRTC acquiring the campus and technical division of BSC?

A: SRTC is excited about acquiring the campus and technical division of BSC. BSC is being consolidated with ABAC, however, ABAC does not have a technical division. SRTC acquiring the buildings and programs will allow students to have technical training opportunities in the Bainbridge area and beyond. The workforce will reap the benefit of localized training.

Q: How will this change my classes?

A: For the better! SRTC acquiring the buildings and technical programs will help to create one of the largest two-year colleges in Southwest Georgia. You will have access to exceptional instructors, programs, and technology in 11 counties: Colquitt, Decatur, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Seminole, Thomas, Tift, Turner, and Worth.

Q: Will my tuition change because of the acquisition?

A: At $89 a credit hour and minimal fees, you should see a decrease in the cost of attendance. Tuition costs are determined by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and tuition is the same for all colleges in our system. We are proud to offer an outstanding education that is both affordable and accessible for our students.

Q. How do I enroll at SRTC to continue my education?

A. All BSC/ABAC technical program students will be transfer students to SRTC. You will submit an application for admission and request all transcripts to be sent to SRTC’s Registrar’s Office.

Q. If I am a previous BSC/ABAC technical division student, will any of my coursework transfer to SRTC?

A. SRTC has developed a crosswalk for transfer courses. Students will be awarded the maximum amount of transfer credit allowed.

Q. Will my financial aid still be available at SRTC?

A. SRTC participates in federal and state financial aid grant programs, such as Pell Grant, SEOG, HOPE/Zell Miller Grants, HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarships and the HOPE Career Grant. To apply, students should complete the 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and list SRTC’s school code 005615. SRTC does not participate in the federal loan program. SRTC’s Financial Aid Priority Date for Fall Semester 2018 is July 22, 2018.

Q. I’m a veteran student, what do I need to do to ensure my benefits continue?

A. Veteran students should provide a completed Change of Program or Place of Training Form (VA Form 22-1995) AND a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the SRTC Financial Aid Office four to six weeks before Fall Semester begins to ensure there is not a delay in your benefits. Please visit the SRTC Veterans Page for more information on SRTC’s veteran resources, .

Q: I plan to continue my education at a four-year institution after I graduate. How will the acquisition impact current articulation agreements?

A: The acquisition will definitely be positive for those students who plan to transfer to a four- year college after they graduate. SRTC has extensive articulation agreements. Students in all 11 counties can transfer college credits from our college to many other four-year institutions.

Q: I’m a high school student. Will the dual enrollment program change because of the acquisition?

A: Over 1400 high school students currently participate in the dual enrollment programs offered by SRTC. We are excited about the opportunities for students after the acquisition and want to expand those opportunities to the western region.

Q: How will the merger affect student organizations?

A: Student organizations are important to any college and we will continue to support the growth of these organizations that enhance the college experience for those who are involved.

Q: Where will I graduate from if I finish before the acquisition is complete?

A: If you finish during or before Summer Semester 2018, your graduating institution will be ABAC. If you finish after Summer Semester 2018, your graduating institution will be SRTC.

Q: In the acquisition, will the change in college names be confusing for my future employers?

A: It is quite common for colleges to change names over time. This will not affect your status as a graduate in the community. SRTC has an outstanding reputation in our communities and are committed to maintaining that reputation as we expand.