Driver's Education

Learning to drive is a major milestone in a teenager's life. It's important for young or inexperienced drivers to learn safe driving techniques." Joshua's Law requires 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 additional hours of drive time with an instructor to receive a Class D license. Most insurance companies also give a reduction (approx. 10%) on insurance premiums upon successful completion.

Participants must be between the ages of 15-18 and possess a Learner's Permit. Those not eligible must pay the $350 tuition, part of which can be tax deductible.

The Georgia Driver’s Education Grant Scholarship program is available to cover the $350 course registration fee. In this program, students will apply for a driver’s education grant scholarship and, upon award, choose from a list of authorized providers to redeem a voucher for a standard 30/6 driver’s education course.

The application cycle is as follows:

  • Application deadline is the last day of the month
  • Award notifications are delivered via email by the 1st of the month

Access the Georgia Driver’s Education Grant Scholarship program eligibility criteria.

Apply for the Georgia Driver’s Education Grant Scholarship.

*Please note, completing the scholarship application does not register you for the course. Contact your local campus to register for Driver’s Education courses at SRTC.


SRTC has partnered with the Rotary Club of Thomasville to help spread the word about the SafeDrive map and the incredibly helpful tool that it is to drivers in our community. SafeDrive is an initiative to make drivers in our community aware of the most serious driving hazards in and around our area. The goal of SafeDrive is to give drivers – especially young drivers and their parents – the chance to see and experience these driving hazards under more controlled circumstances. It is hoped and believed that awareness of the hazards and a controlled first experience with them will increase the odds that when these hazards are encountered again under real-life driving conditions, young and new drivers will be better equipped to deal with them safely.

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