Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment courses enable you to explore new interests, develop skills, and further your passions. Engaging courses such as cake decorating, learning to sew, learning to crochet, and many others are offered through Economic Development at SRTC. These activities are wonderful venues to meet new people and expand your network.

The Economic Development division staff at SRTC is dedicated to providing the necessary training for our service region. Before your company calls a consultant, call the SRTC Economic Development division first! For more information, visit\ development.

The latest Momentum is now available! Click the photo below to view the entire publication! If you have questions or would like to register for a course please contact the Office of Economic Development at:

  • Bainbridge: 229-243-6980
  • Thomasville 229-227-2579
  • Moultrie: 229-217-4257
  • Tifton: 229-386-3169

momentum cover economic development publication