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SRTC now offers hundreds of online continuing education courses through Ed2Go, a national education service. Courses are very diverse and range from computer and software courses to Braille, Accounting, How to Use E-Bay, French and Spanish, Management, Homeschooling, Hypnosis, Health, LSAT and SAT preparation, Music, Math, Management, How to start a non-profit, Legal Issues, Criminal Justice, Real Estate, Writing Romance Novels, Supervision, Web Design and many, many more.

All courses are instructor-led and most are offered at various dates and times for your convenience. Please review the list of Ed2Go courses. When you find a course which interests you, click on the title and then follow the instructions. You will see a complete description of the class and information about the instructor and the instructor's picture. Take a few minutes to check it out. Nothing could be easier.

Our featured online class is Creating a Classroom Website and PLUs are available. You will learn to create a classroom Web site in this fun, easy-to-understand course for teachers. In no time, you'll build a site with text, images, animations, links and more. Then you'll create a WebQuest and a blog to add to your site. Find out more about this exciting class.

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Whether you're looking for some of the most comprehensive training programs to further your career, or a complete solution for integrating training solutions for your business, 360training offers endless possibilities for learners, educators, and business partners.

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We offer over 6,000 regulated and non-regulated courses for your career development. As a one stop shop for all your on-demand and classroom career development learning, it's no wonder why 360training has over 4 million learners in 67 countries.