6.5.1sr3 - SRTC Procedure: Student Withdrawals

A student who fails to attend class during the drop/add period will be removed from the course roster and entered as a NS (No-Show) in Bannerweb. In courses with a waitlist, rosters will change daily during the drop/add period. Students may elect to drop a course during the drop period by contacting their advisor or dropping the course through their Bannerweb account.

Any student registered for a course after the drop period ends, must either complete the course requirements or officially withdraw. To withdraw from one or more courses, the student must complete the Online Withdrawal. A student should not assume that non-attendance constitutes an official withdrawal.

No student will be withdrawn during the last two weeks of an enrollment period. A student who is withdrawn prior to the end of the withdrawal period, may have their financial aid award recalculated in accordance with federal Title IV regulations. Students who voluntarily withdraw or are withdrawn by the instructor will receive a W for the course.

Course instructors will be responsible for withdrawing through Bannerweb any student who violates the course Attendance Statement. Additionally, course instructors will be responsible for withdrawing any student within 14 consecutive calendar days of the last date of attendance. When calculating consecutive calendar days, calculations should include all weekdays and weekends, regardless if a class session occurred during that day or not. This information will be included in the course Attendance Statement.

This procedure applies to all students regardless of delivery method.

Students who have been withdrawn from a program of study must reapply for admission..

The Vice President for Academic Affairs has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

Adopted: 03-09-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015