Student Email

SRTC student email accounts are available for all students. Students are required to use this email account when communicating with instructors and classmates in your courses.

Login Instructions

You can now access your e-mail account by going to the following address:

Username: Your username is your entire e-mail address (first initial, last name, last four digits of your student ID number). Example:

Password: Your password is now your first initial (capital), last initial (capital), _, your student ID number. The initials are both capital letters. So for John Doe (ID# 900001122) the password is JD_900001122. The initials are both capital letters.

*If you do not have your student id number it can be found on your schedule or by logging into Bannerweb.

Additional Support

Additional support topics and information, including how to install Office at home and changing your password, are covered at the below link.

Student Email Help/Resources