Registration Information

Banner Web Registration Information and Instructions

Web registration can be accessed directly through the internet at http://srtc16.southernregional.edufrom any computer with internet access. Students may obtain Personal Identification Number (PIN) information from their advisors.

Web Registration Navigation

Do NOT use the back arrow in these screens. Use the “menu” links at the top of the screen. If you select exit, you will automatically be logged-off the system.

“Login to Secure Area.” Enter your student identification number or your Social Security Number. Tab to the PIN prompt.

Enter the PIN assigned to you by the College (check with your advisor). At the prompt, enter a new PIN of your choice, Re-enter your new PIN to confirm. Click “Login.”

Create a security question. This is a question that will be asked to confirm your identity if you need your PIN reset because you have forgotten it. Create a question that you will know the answer to, but that will not be known by friends or family. Create the answer to the question. If you are unable to answer the question exactly or if the question is not specific enough to verify your identity, you may be asked to visit the Student Affairs office and show a picture ID in order to have your PIN reset.

Select “Student Affairs and Financial Aid. Select “Registration.” Select “Select Term.”

Select the term for which you are registering. This step will also be prompted when selecting “Add/Drop Classes.” After you have entered the term desired, select “Add/Drop” to continue. You may also select “Add/Drop Classes.”

Enter the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the courses you want to take. Use the “Tab” key to move from one CRN space to another. Enter numbers carefully and confirm you entries. A reversal or other error in numbers will register you for the wrong course. Confirm your schedule after you have submitted all the courses. If a course is incorrect or there is a registration error, return to the “Add/Drop” screen and change your registration through the “Action” block.

Error Message




Class has reached its enrollment limit.

Select another class or call Student Affairs at 225-5060 to be put on the wait list

Duplicate Course

You have already registered for this course/section.

Drop the course from your schedule.

CRN does not exist

The CRN you entered is not recognized by the system.

Check the schedule to get the correct number and enter the correct CRN

Maximum Hours Exceeded

You cannot register for more than the maximum hours. The maximum is 21 credit hours.

See your Advisor.

Incorrect PIN

This is not the correct PIN.

Contact the Registrar’s office to have your PIN reset.

Prerequisite/Test score Error

You have not met the prerequisite requirement for the course you have selected.

See your Advisor.

Major Restriction

The course you have selected is not in your major.

See your Advisor. You may obtain permission to take this course outside of your major, but Financial Aid may not cover the course.

Time Conflict

Two or more of the courses you have selected meet at the same time or have overlapping schedules.

See your Advisor.

When you have completed your schedule, select the “Exit” button at the top of the screen to close your registration session. This will log you off the registration area. If you want to remain in the registration area but view other screens, select the “Menu” button at the top of the screen. When ready to log-off and close your browser, select the “Exit” button. Do not close your browser session before logging-off Banner Web. Your session will remain active.

Note: Students may also use Banner Web to check grades, print unofficial transcripts, and make payments online.

Withdrawal/Dropping Courses

Students can obtain information regarding dropping or withdrawing from a course from the Student Withdrawal Page.

Withdrawal From the College

Students can obtain information regarding withdrawing from the College from the Student Withdrawal Page.

Enrollment Verification

The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) is now Southern Regional Technical College's authorized agent for providing degree and enrollment verifications. Employers or background screening firms requesting degree verifications may contact the NSC directly at Anyone needing an enrollment verification may request one in writing from the Student Affairs office, or they may go

Academic Records and Grades

Students may access their academic records and grades through BannerWeb.
Grades are not mailed to students at the end of the semester.

Please use this form to request transcripts for courses taken at Southern Regional Technical College, Thomas Technical Institute, Thomas Area Technical School, or Thomas County Vocational School.

Current/Former Student Transcript Request Form (PDF)


Southern Regional Technical College is committed to making each graduation a special event for students and family members.

Students who believe they will complete Certificate, Diploma, or Degree requirements by the end of any semester, must submit a Request for Graduation by the Graduation Application deadline. Students who do not wish to participate in the Graduation Ceremony will still be required to submit a Request for Graduation but will not be charged the $40.00 fee. It is the candidate's responsibility to file an Application for Graduation prior to the published deadline. It is also the student's responsibility to be aware of courses required for graduation/completion of the chosen major, to meet all graduation/completion requirements, and to complete the registration process each semester. The administration will review the student's records and will approve the student for graduation if all academic and other requirements have been met.

Graduation ceremonies are held twice a year in January and June. Diplomas will be available at the end of each semester and may be picked up at the Student Affairs Office beginning the 10th class day of the following semester and for two weeks after that date. After two weeks, diplomas will be mailed to the address listed in Banner. All financial and academic obligations must be met before diplomas will be released. Diplomas printed with a name different from the name listed in the student’s current academic record will be held until proof of name change is submitted.

Address and Name Change

Students must keep the College informed of any change in mailing address or legal name. “Change of address” forms are available in the Student Affairs office. Students may also change their address at any time on BannerWeb.

Students who have a legal name change must provide proof of that change to the College.
This proof may include:
- Social Security Card
- State issued drivers license
- State issued ID