You can now access all of your SRTC services by connecting to the SRTC Okta website. Okta is our student portal that will have links to all the various applications that you have access to. This will include Blackboard, Bannerweb, E-mail, and more.

Your username is your entire email address and your normal email password. The standard template for email addresses is as follows:

first initial, entire last name, the last 4 digits of your student ID number,

For example – John Doe (900123456) would be

The default password is your capital first initial, capital last initial, _, and your entire student ID number

For example – JD_900123456

Here is what your portal page will look like. Every tile on this page is clickable and will take you to the appropriate application. You should not have to log in or enter a username or password.

Microsoft Office 365 Word Online – This is the web version of Word. You can use this to type papers.

SRTC Blackboard – This is where you access your online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses.

Microsoft Office 365 Excel Online – This is the web version of Excel. You can use this to create spreadsheets.

Microsoft Office 365 Office Portal – This is the central hub for your office products.

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive – This is your online storage space. Think of it as a thumb drive in the sky. You can use it to store papers, projects, pictures, and basically anything else you want. The files are accessiable from any computer anywhere in the world at any time.

Microsoft Office 365 Teams – This is a communication platform. You can use it to have instant chat sessions with anyone you would like.

Microsoft Office 365 Mail – This is your online email. This is where you will go to access your student email.

Microsoft Office 365 Powerpoint Online – This is the web version of PowerPoint. You use powerpoint to create presentations.

Bannerweb – This is your student information system. You will go here to see final grades, class registrations, fees, and anything else related to your account with SRTC.

If this is your first time accessing Okta, you will be prompted setup some security identifiers. At a minimum you have to configure some security questions. However, there are several optional security methods you can use as well. You can have Okta send an SMS (text message), it can call a phone number, or you can use the Okta Verify app to receive push notifications. These options are changeable and you have full control of which ones you use. Personally I prefer the app so I only have to press a button instead of copying a code that has been texted to me.

You will need to install the Verify application if you choose to use it.

Apple -

Android -

To change any pieces or parts of your account, once you are logged into the Okta portal, click on your name, and click settings. The next page will walk you through making changes.