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Student Affairs and Admissions

Student Affairs provides students with support services and activities to ease the transition into higher education, maximize chances for success, and enhance the potential of personal preparedness. The Student Affairs Division provides students with the following:

      - recruitment activities
      - admissions services
      - financial aid services
      - retention services
      - counseling services
      - student records services
      - life-time job placement services

Effective April 1, 2008, in keeping with the new state-wide enrollment processing policy from the Technical College System of Georgia, Southern Regional Technical College instituted a new Drop/Add Policy.  You will have the first three (3) days of each semester to drop any or all of the courses in which you are registered.  If you drop your course(s) during this period, you will receive a 100% refund of all tuition and applicable fees, will not earn a “W” grade in the class and will not have any hours counted against your financial aid eligibility.  If you withdraw from any course(s) after the third instructional day of the semester, you will not receive a refund, you will earn a “W” grade; and the credit hours will count against your financial aid eligibility.  Please see the important Calendar dates above.

Admissions Requirements

Congratulations on taking the next step to furthering your education. Southern Regional Technical College is a two-year public College and a member of the Technical College System of Georgia. We are a growing College with an enrollment of 3,600 students, granting Associate Degrees, Associate of Applied Science Degrees, Diplomas, and Technical Certificates of Credit in more than 155 programs of study. 

With many programs to choose from, many student organizations to get involved in, and student-centered events on campus, SRTC provides you with a large college experience while still delivering personalized instruction. SRTC has outstanding professors, friendly staff, and will provide you with the individual attention you need to be successful. 

The Admissions requirements and procedures established at Southern Regional Technical College are not designed to be a hindrance or barrier to enrollment in a program. They are designed to assist the applicant in making a career decision based on such factors as aptitude, ability, interest, background, assessment results, interviews, and other appropriate evaluations.

Admissions requirements for some programs vary. Please refer to specific program information in the College Catalog to obtain exact entrance requirement information.

Effective January 1, 2012, all students applying for in-state tuition must provide validation of lawful presence in the United States.

The following documents will serve as proof of lawful presence in the United States and documentation will be required before you are eligible for consideration of in-state tuition:

• A current Driver's License issued by the State of Georgia after January 1, 2008.
• A current ID issued by the State of Georgia after January 1, 2008.
• A current Driver’s License or ID issued by a state that verifies immigration status and only issues to persons lawfully present in the United States. 

Alabama: Issued after August 1, 2000
Florida: Issued after January 1, 2010 OR have a gold star in the upper right hand corner.
South Carolina: Issued after November 1, 2008
Tennessee: Issued after May 29, 2004.

• A certified U.S. Birth Certificate showing the student was born in the U.S. or a U.S. territory. A photocopy is not acceptable
• An approved completed FAFSA for the current financial aid year.
• A current, valid Permanent Resident Card (USCIS form 1-151 or 1-551).
• A current, valid military identification card for active duty soldiers or veterans.
• A U.S. Certificate of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State (DS-1350) or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS-240)
• A current U.S. Passport.
• A U.S. Certificate of Citizenship (USCIS form N-560 or N-561).
• A U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (USCIS form N-550 or N-570).

Any student who cannot be verified as lawfully present in the United States is not eligible to be considered for in-state tuition, regardless of how long he or she has lived in Georgia. In addition to being lawfully present in the United States, students must meet the in-state tuition requirements as outlined in TCSG Board Policy and Procedure V.B.3 to warrant an in-state classification. Students that are initially classified as out-of-state, and successfully petition to have their residency changed to in-state also have to meet the verification requirement.

Purging Enrollment

Effective January 1, 2008, the new state-wide Purging Process of no-shows and non-payers was implemented.  This process is summarized below.

Payment for tuition and fees is due by 4:00 p.m. one business day before the first day of each semester.  Students who do not have documented Financial Aid or Third Party Pay will be dropped from all courses if payment is not received by the specified date.  Students who have been purged (dropped) for non-payment must re-register for classes in the admissions office and make payment at the business office. Late fees will be charged to all students who are purged and re-register.  Students who re-register and have not made payment by the 7th calendar day of the semester will be purged (dropped) and will not be allowed to re-register.

Registered students who do not show up for the first day the class meets will be “No-Showed.” Students will have to obtain written permission from the instructor to be readmitted to the class by the Registrar.