Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program provides assistance to students who are economically disadvantaged, educationally disadvantaged, underemployed and /or dislocated workers who meet residency requirements and determined eligible and suitable for enrollment. Funding may be available to cover costs of tuition, fees, books, uniforms, equipment, required physical examinations, child care, and transportation. WIOA Program staff are available to assist students with career guidance/exploration, academic performance assessment, and job search assistance. Individuals who have post high school training may not be eligible for WIOA services, but are encouraged to contact the WIOA representative to learn specific details of the program. Interested persons should contact Student Affairs for more information.

The WIOA Representative on campus at SRTC is:


Shavonne Threatts
Talent Development Specialist
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Thomasville Campus
Office located in Student Affairs
229-551-4209 phone
229-227-2666 fax

Tuesday & Friday
Thomasville Skills Center
403 North Broad Street
229-225-3913 Phone
229-227-3225 FAX

Moultrie and Tifton

Cindy Baker
Case Manager

Moultrie IDC Campus
Office # 201
229-217-4166 phone
229-891-7010 fax