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At Southern Regional Technical College, we believe a strong foundation and introduction to the College environment are key factors to a student’s success.

In order to help our students be successful, we require all new students to participate in New Student Orientation. A group orientation program for all new students is held before the beginning of each semester at both on-campus and off-campus locations. Southern Regional Technical College staff members discuss financial aid, career placement services, counseling services, the calendar of events for the semester, work ethics, student right to know, and other support services. Students learn about various policies and procedures important to their success. Information on student activities and upcoming events is also shared.

We try to make New Student Orientation as fun and interactive as possible, while sharing lots of important information with new students. Day and evening sessions are offered, each lasting approximately two and a half hours. All participants receive a copy of the SRTC Catalog/Student Handbook, a t-shirt, student planner, and other useful information to guide them. Food and drinks, as well as door prizes are available.

Once students start their programs, they undergo the second phase of the orientation process. This is conducted by the program instructors. Program requirements, safety rules, and policies and procedures specific to the program of study are discussed.

For students who are unable to attend New Student Orientation on campus, an online version is available. To complete the online orientation, please click on the link below to view the Power Point presentation. Be sure to complete the surveys included in the presentation. After completing orientation online, students should contact the Retention Coordinator.

Click here to view the orientation presentation


Orientation Documents