SRTC Procedure Manual

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) follows all policies established by the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia (SBTCSG), all procedures established by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), and all local SRTC procedures established by the SRTC President’s Leadership Cabinet. SBTCSG policies and TCSG procedures can be found on the TCSG webpage:

Disclaimer: The procedures that are listed on this website are valid as of the date of viewing online. Printed, downloaded, copied or any other method of stored information may be out of date, and will therefore be considered invalid.

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Section 1: Introduction  
Section 2: Mission and System of Governance  
Section 3: Administration / Operations 
Section 4: Human Resources 
Section 5: Academic Affairs
Section 6: Student Affairs

2.1 State Board Governance

2.2. Office of the Commissioner

2.3 Technical Colleges

2.4. Local Board of Directors

3.1. Budget and Accounting

3.2. Copyright, Intellectual Property Protection

3.3. Operations

3.4. Emergency Preparedness

4.1 Employment Guidelines and Processes

4.3 Employee Ethics and Standards of Conduct

4.4 Employee Performance Management

4.5 Employee Leave

4.6 Employee Medical Program

4.7 Employee Travel

4.8 Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace

4.9 Employee Compensation and Related Benefits

5.1. Administration

5.2. Non-Credit Programs

Additional Academic Affairs Procedures:

6.1. Student Equity

6.2. Admissions

6.3. Student Records

6.4. Student Life

6.5. Student Academics

6.6. Student Finances

6.7. Student Conduct

6.8. Student Activities

Additional Student Affairs Procedures:
Updated: May 2, 2018