Enrollment Services

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) offers a variety of services to students currently or seeking to enroll in one of our many programs. These services range from guidance on what programs are best suited for an individual to verification of enrollment (a common insurance requirement).
Testing Services   Career Assessment Services
Individuals wishing to enroll in one of SRTC’s many programs are required to complete one of several acceptable academic preparation assessment examinations. These examinations allow the College to determine the level of preparation obtained by the future student and offer accurate guidance with the goal of helping the student achieve their dream. Click Here to Learn More About SRTC's Admissions Testing Services   In order to help students make the right career choice and be successful in college, career assessment testing is available through SRTC’s Student Affairs department. Click Here to Learn More About SRTC's Career Assessment Services
Student Withdrawals   Transfer Students
For one reason or another, many students find themselves unable to continue their enrollment in one or more courses. For that reason, SRTC has in place a procedure for assisting with this process. Click Here to Learn More About Withdrawing from SRTC   Students who have previously completed college-level course work through their profession or at another college have the opportunity to receive college credit through one of our many transfer assessment services. Click Here to Learn More About the Services Available to Transfer Students
Enrollment Verification Services   Address and Name Change Services
SRTC offers Enrollment Verification Services to current and previous students wishing to verify their enrollment status and period for employment or insurance purposes. Click Here to Learn More About Verifying the Enrollment of a Student   Many of SRTC’s services are dependent on accurate information regarding our student’s contact information. The Address and Name Change Service allows students to keep SRTC aware of any changes to their contact information. Click Here to Change the Address or Name on Record
High School Student Services   Services for Home School Graduates
SRTC works closely with local area secondary schools to offer extensive opportunities to High School students. Utilizing various state initiatives, High School students can work to complete coursework that will transfer with them if they pursue a four year degree OR start their career immediately after ending college with one of our many diplomas and technical certificates. Click Here to Learn More About Services Available to High School Graduates   SRTC gladly accepts graduates of Home School programs.  Due to various complexities that stem from the Home School experience, SRTC asks Home School graduates to review the following information when applying to SRTC. Click Here to Learn More About Servces Available to Home School Graduates