Non-traditional programs

Non-traditional programs are those programs where 25 percent or less of the workforce in that occupation is comprised of the gender traditionally not employed in that career.  Those program students are indentified as under-represented gender students in non-traditional programs or non-traditional program students.

Both traditionally male and female occupations areas need highly-skilled workers.  Increasingly, gender does not matter if the person has the skills required for that occupation.

Women in non-traditional occupations, such as welding, drafting, criminal justice and computers usually earn more than they would in a traditionally female occupation.

Men who in the past have been discouraged from entering jobs predominately held by women are often finding greater satisfaction and more opportunities in areas such as early childhood education, cosmetology, accounting and healthcare.

   Non-Traditional Programs for Females

  • Air Conditioning System Maintenance Technician, TCC
  • Air Conditioning Technology, Diploma
  • Advanced CAD Technician, TCC
  • Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician, TCC
  • Automotive Engine Repair Technician, TCC
  • Automotive Technology, Diploma
  • Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist, TCC
  • Basic Shield Metal Arc Welder, TCC
  • Biomedical Electronics Technician, TCC
  • CAD Operator, TCC
  • Crime Scene Investigation Technology, AAS
  • Criminal Justice Technology, AAS
  • Criminal Justice Technology, Diploma
  • Criminal Justice Specialist, TCC
  • Drafter's Assistant, TCC
  • Drafting Technology, AAS
  • Drafting Technology, Diploma
  • Electrical Systems Technology, Diploma
  • Gas Metal Arc Welder, TCC
  • Land, Forest, Wildlife Management Technology, AAS
  • Land, Forest, Wildlife Management Assistant, Diploma
  • Land, Forest, Wildlife Management Specialist, TCC
  • Residential Wiring Technician, TCC
  • Vertical Shielded Metal Arc Welder Fabricator, TCC
  • Welding and Joining Technology, Diploma

   Non-Traditional Programs for Males

  • Accounting, AAS                                                                     
  • Accounting, Diploma                                                               
  • Administrative Support Assistant, TCC                   
  • Associate Degree Nursing-LPN Bridge                  
  • Associate of Science in Nursing, ASN                    
  • Business Administrative Technology, AAS                              
  • Business Administrative Technology, Diploma        
  • Child Development Specialist, TCC                                        
  • Clinic Assistant (Phlebotomy), TCC                                        
  • Clinical Laboratory Technology, AAS                     
  • Cosmetology, Diploma                                                           
  • Early Childhood Care and Education, AAS                            
  • Early Childhood Care and Education, Diploma      
  • Health Care Assistant, TCC                                   
  • Health Care Science, TCC                                                     
  • Health Information Coding, Diploma                                      
  • Health Information Technology, AAS                     
  • Medical Assisting, AAS                                                           
  • Medical Assisting, Diploma                                                     
  • Medical Billing Clerk, TCC                                                      
  • Medical Language Specialist, TCC
  • Nurse Aide, TCC                                    
  • Paralegal Studies, AAS                                                          
  • Payroll Accounting Specialist, TCC                                                                                  
  • Practical Nursing, Diploma     
  • Radiology Technology, AAS   
  • Respiratory Care Technology, AAS       
  • Shampoo Technician, TCC    
  • Social Work Assistant, AAS    
  • Social Work Assistant, Diploma              
  • Surgical Technology, AAS      
  • Surgical Technology, Diploma
  • Technical Specialist, TCC       
  • Unit Secretary, TCC               
  • Veterinary Technician Assistant, TCC    
  • Veterinary Technology, AAS

   Why consider a non-traditional career?  

  • Higher earnings
  • High demand occupation
  • High skills required
  • Excellent benefits
  • Job satisfaction
  • Opportunities for advancement

And if the career of your choice employs 25% or less of your gender in the workforce, you might want to consider a non-traditional program.  For more information, contact 229-225-5060.