Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council, as stated in its constitution is to:

Contribute to and promote the ideals, objectives, and goals of SRTC.

Promote school pride, community awareness, and citizenship.

Improve student morale.

Provide a forum for students’ expressions.

Develop leadership skills.

The Student Council membership is a broad representation of students from all programs of study.  Membership consists of: two (2) representatives from each of the recognized student organizations on campus (Phi Beta Lambda, Skills USA, and National Technical Honor Society); four (4) representatives from program divisions: one (1) from the Business division, one (1) from the Health division, one (1) from the Professional Services division, one (1) from the T & I division, and one (1) representative from the evening.

For more information, contact Student Activities Coordinator Asha Dillard at 227-3076.