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Southern Regional Technical College is committed to providing students with high-quality, hands-on educational experiences designed to prepare them to enter the workforce successfully or to enhance the skills needed to advance in their chosen career. Our dedicated faculty and staff have a strong record of preparing graduates, using the latest in technology and equipment, to provide students with the experience necessary to be successful. We also have partnerships with many four-year colleges and universities that will allow transfer of associate degree level courses if you choose to continue your formal education.

At SRTC we offer three different program types: Technical Certificates of Credit (TCC), Diploma, and Degree programs.

Technical Certificates of Credit (TCC's) can be completed in less than a year and offer education specific to on the job performance. The certificate courses are strictly program-related and can later be applied towards earning a diploma or degree.

A Diploma Program typically takes a year and a half to complete and broadens your base of knowledge beyond the core courses found in a TCC. Diploma programs consist of program-related courses as well as general core courses such as English, Math, and Science.

An Associate's Degree is highest-level credential you can earn at Southern Regional Technical College. The degree programs contain in-depth industry related subjects and high-level college courses that give you the relevant knowledge you'll need on the job. The curriculum is real world, relevant and geared towards preparing you for the career of your dreams.

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