Distance Education

Welcome to Southern Regional Technical College Online!

The goal of distance education at Southern Regional Technical College is to provide our students the opportunity to access quality instruction anytime, anywhere. Such access is desired to facilitate a barrier-free delivery of instruction through technology. Southern Regional Technical College offers a quality technology-based learning environment that is not bound by traditional time and space limitations that provides access for students and meets the education and training needs of the public it serves.

Southern Regional Technical College delivers courses and programs through Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC), an innovation of the Technical College system of Georgia (TCSG).

For Blackboard assistance: email blackboardhelpdesk@southernregional.edu; bcooper@southernregional.edu; kharrison@southernregional.edu; or pwilson@southernregional,edu

For Student Email assistance: visit Student Email at www.southernregional.edu/student-email

For BannerWeb assistance: email lshort@southernregional.edu


Blackboard Getting Started
General Technology Guide

Blackboard is your digital gateway to various resources. Once logged into Blackboard you will be able to access:

  • Your Blackboard-enabled courses
  • Blackboard Announcements
  • Blackboard Calendar
  • Galileo (including links to FilmsOnDemand)
  • SmartThinking
  • EverFi

SRTC uses Blackboard Learn for all Online, Hybrid, and Web-Enhanced courses. To access Blackboard, click on the Blackboard link located at the top right of the SRTC website home page. To log in, use the first portion of your email address (everything before the @stu.southernregional.edu; for example jdoe1122) and your email password. Log in to your SRTC Student email before logging in to Blackboard!

For security and privacy reasons, you should not share your login and password information with others.

Prepare for success in your online courses by completing the online Blackboard Orientation. To access the orientation, click on the Blackboard link located at the top right of the SRTC website home page. Next, click on the Online Resources tab at the top of the page and the Blackboard Orientation Course link under the Blackboard section.

Computer Needs

For general computer, browser requirements, and media downloads, go to Browser Check and Media Downloads at SRTC’s Blackboard homepage. For course specific requirements, contact your instructor. As a currently enrolled college student, you have free access to desktop applications associated with Office 365/Outlook such as Word and Excel. To access a desktop application, log in to your student email account, click on the waffle icon located on the top left side of the screen, and select the desired application. All necessary software should be installed before class begins.


Find out if you are ready for online learning by completing the Smarter Measure Learning Readiness Indicator. It only takes about 45 minutes and the scores will not keep you from applying for online courses. The assessment includes seven major assessment components that measure:

  • Life Factors - Availability of time, support from family and employers, finances, etc.
  • Individual Attributes - Motivation, procrastination, willingness to ask for help, etc.
  • Learning styles - Based on the multiple intelligences model
  • On-screen Reading Rate and Recall
  • Technical Competency - Skills using technology
  • Technical Knowledge - Knowledge of technology terms
  • Typing Speed and Accuracy

Get more information about SmarterMeasure

Tutoring Services

If you are experiencing academic difficulties and unable to come on campus for a tutoring session at one of SRTC Student Success Centers, you may receive online tutoring services free of charge through Smarthinking. Smarthinking is a tutoring service available 24/7! The Smarthinking link is located in your Blackboard course. For more information, contact the Distance Education Department.

Grade Appeals and Student Grievances

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) maintains a grievance process for grade appeals and student grievances available to all students. For information, visit SRTC Procedure: Student Grievances.

In addition, the Technical College System of Georgia provides advice and guidance regarding student complaints and disciplinary actions. For information, visit Student Concern/Complaint Instructions & Filing Process.

Contact Us

Peggy Wilson
Distance Education Director
(229) 217-4227
Moultrie Campus, Room B220A

Katie Harrison

Distance Education Coordinator and Pearson VUE Test Administrator
(229) 217-4172
Moultrie Campus,Room B221

Brandi Cooper
Distance Education Facilitator
(229) 225-4326
Thomasville Campus, Room A128