New Student Orientation

At Southern Regional Technical College, we believe in a strong foundation and introduction to the College environment are key factors to a student’s success. In order for new students to be fully informed and aware of all phases of college life, this online orientation is designed to give you a an overview of student services available while attending SRTC.

The orientation for new students at Southern Regional Technical College is accomplished in two (2) phases:

The first phase is provided through an online component through the College website. The button above will take you through our online orientation where students learn about financial aid and scholarships, career placement services, counseling services, the calendar of events for the semester, the College’s work ethics program, student Right to Know requirements, student activities, threats management (reporting violent, threatening, and/or criminal acts), and other support services. Students are shown how to access to the Southern Regional Technical College Catalog and Student Handbook also located on the College website. Students will also complete the New Student Orientation through the COLL 1500 Student Success course. Those students with an associate’s degree are exempt from the COLL 1500 course, but encouraged to view the orientation online. To complete orientation, students complete a short survey at the end of the online component.

The second phase of the orientation process is conducted by the program faculty. Program requirements, safety rules, and relevant program requirements are explained and questions answered.