2019-2020 Annual Fund

For many rural Southwest Georgia students, higher education can feel as foreign as spending summers in the south of France, or having an exotic sports car in the garage. When something has always seemed so far out of reach, we simply don’t plan for it. We see it as some distant dream.

Most people simply cannot afford to pay for a higher education out of their pockets, and students don’t want to cause additional financial strain on families. State and federal aid only goes so far, and only to students who meet specific requirements.

As a community, we need to send a strong message that college is accessible to everyone. It’s a message delivered by parents, teachers, friends, and mentors. But it’s also a message that must be strengthened through action – by businesses, employers, leaders, and even perfect strangers who may not know any college students but value an educated and employable community.

We challenge you to #GimmieFive! Making a small donation to the Southern Regional Technical College Foundation goes a long way for students. Give what you can to give students an upper-hand… and a big “high-five!”


The Southern Regional Technical College Foundation is appreciative of the many donors and supporters who give generously in order to support the mission of SRTC. We are pleased to recognize financial contributions through the following giving levels:


$500,000+ Lifetime Giving

Archbold Medical Center
Lewis Hall and Mildred Sasser Singletary Foundation, Inc.
William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation
SRTC Faculty & Staff Annual Giving Campaign


$100,000 – $499,000 Lifetime Giving

Cherokee Foundation, Inc.
Colquitt Regional Medical Center
The Timken Foundation
Tift Regional Medical Center


$50,000 – $99,999 Lifetime Giving

John Deere Foundation
Mitchell County Pro Tennis Invitational
Commercial Bank
Esther I. Thomson
Dr. Freida H. Hill
Sabal Trail


$25,000 – $49,999 Lifetime Giving

Flowers Foods
Community Foundation of Southwest Georgia
Monrovia Growers
Rumbles Office City
The Kirbo Foundation


$10,000 – $24,999 Lifetime Giving

Glass Foundation
Ross & Carol Jones
Debbie Griffiths Family Charitable Trust
Ponder’s Office Plus
Lorette Hoover
Health District 8
Dale & Sonya Aldridge
Bank of Camilla
Culpepper Construction Company, Inc.
Glenn & Deanna Deibert
Family Federal - Pelham
Debbie & Wallace Goodman
Grady EMC
Paris Ingram Group
Dr. Annie Laurie McElroy
Johnson's Institutional Services
Robert & Frances Milberg
Pepi Food Service
Thomasville National Bank
KOYO Bearings
Family & Friends of Colby Gillis