Accelerated Career Diploma

Accelerated Career Diploma, formerly known as Option B, offers qualified students an alternate path to high school graduation. Students choose to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and a Southern Regional Technical College degree, diploma or two (2) Technical Certificates of Credit in a specific career pathway. Accelerated Career Diploma is only available for those students attending a public high school in Georgia.

  1. Complete all required high school courses: Requirements for students graduating in 2022 and beyond:
  • 2 English/Language Arts (one of which must be American Lit and EOC)
  • 2 Math (Algebra 1 and EOC)
  • 2 Sciences (one of which must be Biology and EOC)
  • 2 Social Studies
  • 1 Health/PE

All required Milestone/EOC Exams (Some of these courses may be taken under Dual Enrollment)

Beginning with the freshman class of 2022-23, students must take Personal Finance, American Government and Economics

  1. After completion of these courses, students must then complete ONE of the following:
  • Any one SRTC Associate Degree Program*
  • Any one SRTC Diploma Program*
  • Or any of the following paired SRTC Technical Certificates of Credit (TCC):

Automotive Technology (Choose 2):

  • Auto Electrical/Electronics Systems (AE41) (Required)
  • Automotive Chassis Technician Specialist (ASG1)
  • Automotive Climate Control Systems (AH21)
  • Automotive Engine Performance Technician (AE51)

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMH1)

  • Advanced Emergency Systems:
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMJ1)

Air Conditioning TCCs (Choose 1 sequence):

  • AC Technician Assistant (AZ31) + AC Electrical Tech (ACK1)
  • AC Maintenance Tech (AZ21) + AC Electrical Technician (ACK1)

Drafting Technology (Choose 1 sequence):

  • Drafters Assistant (DA31) + CAD Operator (CP41)
  • CAD Operator (CP41) + Advanced CAD Technician (AC51)

Early Childhood Care and Education

  • Early Childhood Care & Education Basics (EC31)
  • Child Development Specialist (CD61)

Emergency Services:

  • Emergency Medical Responder (EV71)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMJ1)

Industrial Systems:

  • Industrial Fluid Power Technician (IF11)
  • Industrial Technician (IE41)

Networking (Choose 2):

  • Comp TIA A+ Certified Preparation (CA61) (Required)
  • Cisco Network Specialist (CN71)
  • Network Technician (NT41)
  • Microsoft Network Administrator (MS11)

Welding and Joining Technology

  • Basic Shielded Metal Arc Welder (FS31)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welder (GM31)

*Students participating in the Accelerated Career Diploma can use Dual Enrollment Funding and/or HOPE Funding, if eligible, to pay for technical college courses. Accelerated Career students are held to the same residency requirements and funding caps as all Dual Enrollment students.

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Students interested in pursuing Accelerated Career Diploma should first contact their High School Counselor.