Disability Services

The Disabilities Services Coordinator manages services that assist any student with a documented disability, which might present a barrier to their receiving an education. Special equipment needs and services are accessed through this office. All services are provided at no charge to qualified students.

Southern Regional Technical College strives to provide reasonable, quality services/accommodations based upon the nature of the disability.

The type of service/accommodation provided will not be disruptive and will not fundamentally alter the nature of the program. Services available may include: registration assistance, campus orientation, career exploration, test modification, recording/enlarging reading materials, accessible parking, information and referral to campus and community support services, counseling, special equipment, and architectural accessibility. Students are encouraged to request accommodations prior to beginning class.

If you are a student with a documented learning or a physical disability, accommodations may be appropriate and arranged after the steps listed below have been taken. Students must self-identify and request assistance. To get the process underway, this check-list should be helpful.

Gather documentation. This may include IEP’s from your high school, letters (including diagnosis) from a medical doctor or a psychologist, or materials from a private testing agency. The cost of testing is the responsibility of the student.

Make an appointment. For Thomasville, Bainbridge, Blakely, or Cairo students, call 229-227-2668 on the Thomasville Campus, email jlong@southernregional.edu, or stop by Student Affairs in Thomasville to visit with Dr. Jeanine Long, Disability Services Coordinator. For Moultrie students, contact Darbie Avera at 229-217-4145 or email davera@southernregional.edu. For Tifton students, contact Kelley Gentry at 229-217-4194 or email kgentry@southernregional.edu to gain access to services needed.

Complete an initial interview. This will happen during your appointment. It is a time when you will discuss what accommodations you may need, what you have used in the past, and what you found helpful. It is also the time to complete the paperwork that is necessary when you apply for accommodations. Be aware that college accommodations may not be the same accommodations that were received in high school.

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As set forth in its Southern Regional Technical College Catalog and Student Handbook, Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, genetic information, veteran status, or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law).

The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Darbie Avera and Dr. Jeanine Long. At SRTC, the Title IX Coordinator is Darbie Avera, SRTC-Moultrie-Veterans Parkway, Building A, (229) 217-4145, davera@southernregional.edu. The Section 504 Coordinator for SRTC is Dr. Jeanine Long, SRTC-Thomasville, Building A, (229) 227-2668, jlong@southernregional.edu.

If you have any questions about requesting assistance, please feel free to stop by, email, or call. All inquiries will be dealt with in a confidential manner.

Dr. Jeanine Long
Director of Career Services & Counseling


Darbie Avera
Student Navigator

Moultrie (Veterans Parkway)

Kelley Gentry
Career Services Coordinator