Archbold Medical Center recognized with Distinguished Service Award

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Recently, Archbold Medical Center accepted the 2019 Technical College Foundation Association (TCFA) Distinguished Service Award in acknowledgment of their generous and unwavering support of Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC). For more than 25 years, Archbold Medical Center has championed technical education through their financial support of SRTC (and the former Southwest Georgia Technical College and Thomas Tech.)

The TCFA Distinguished Service Award is designed to showcase generosity, commitment, and dedication to the foundations and colleges of the TCSG and to encourage future generosity and commitment. This award embodies the ideals of philanthropy, volunteerism, and leadership in the service of Georgia’s technical colleges, and each college in the system nominated one partner organization.

Contributions benefitting SRTC have been a combined effort of Archbold, led by CEO Perry Mustain, and the Archbold Foundation, under the direction of Vann Middleton. In fiscal year 2019, Archbold Medical Center and the Archbold Foundation donated more than $100,000 in support of SRTC’s students, faculty, and mission.

A large percentage of the contributions benefited SRTC student scholarships. Archbold collaborates with the W.H. Flowers, Jr. Foundation in support of the robust Flowers / Archbold Nursing Scholarship, and partners with nearby Colquitt Regional Medical Center and Tift Regional Medical Center to fund the Growing Nurses Recruitment Scholarship.

The scholarships made possible through the generosity of Archbold Medical Center aim to meet the needs of nursing students, allowing these men and women to focus on their studies, and lessening their financial worries about the many costs associated with college. Equipment and technology needs, library purchases, student success programs, and uniform costs can add up quickly and provide a potential roadblock for some students. Providing for a means to fund expenditures not eligible for state funding allows SRTC and the SRTC Foundation to remove one more obstacle between a student and their success in the health care field.

“Archbold is honored to support Southern Regional Technical College and their efforts to provide quality education to students in our community, specifically those pursuing a career in healthcare,” said Amy Griffin, Vice President of Patient Care at Archbold. “Archbold is committed to investing in SRTC, and our relationship helps ensure our community continues to have access to the very best, high quality, patient care.”

Critical shortages in healthcare professionals are a concern for not only Thomas County, but also for the entire southwest region of Georgia. Without adequately staffed hospitals, physicians’ offices, and other healthcare facilities, patient care would be compromised. In great part because of Archbold’s generosity, SRTC answers this call through ambitious health-science program growth.

“Archbold Medical Center has taken extraordinary measures to remain one of our most vital partners in providing quality, up-to-date, and necessary health science education for the future of our region,”
commented SRTC President Jim Glass. “In anticipation of our community’s growing need, Archbold Medical Center initiated an ambitious and progressive level of support in order to ensure the sustained growth and success of health science programs at SRTC.”

In addition to providing scholarship funds, Archbold supports SRTC students through clinical rotation partnerships, donations of state-of-the-art equipment for training purposes, and a commitment to interview and employ SRTC graduates. SRTC – Thomasville’s on-site Virtual Hospital mirrors Archbold’s facilities, allowing students to begin their training with a practical understanding of what it is like to practice medicine in an excellent medical center.

Jenny Dell, SRTC’s Director of Institutional Advancement, added, “All of these contributions together result in a great benefit to the SRTC Foundation and SRTC students. Archbold and the Archbold Foundation are outstanding examples of what it is to lead, serve, and give all-in support to a cause and a community. SRTC and the Technical College System of Georgia are proud to publically acknowledge Archbold Medical Center for their commitment, passionate support, and exemplary provision to the efforts of technical education.”

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