Fish and Wildlife Management Students Visit Reed Bingham State Park

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Fish & Wildlife Management Students at Reed Bingham State Park

On Wednesday, July 15th, students in the Tifton Campus Fish and Wildlife Management program had the opportunity to visit Reed Bingham State Park. There they were able to learn about the gopher tortoise habitat and were shown how to use a camera for observing topher tortoises in their burrow by Jessica McGuire, a biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The Fish and Wildlife Management Diploma is a two semester sequence of courses that prepares individuals to conserve and manage wilderness areas and the flora, marine and aquatic life therein, and manage wildlife reservations and zoological/aquarium facilities for recreational, commercial, and ecological purposes. Includes instruction in wildlife biology, marine/aquatic biology, environmental science, freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, natural resources management and policy, outdoor recreation and parks management, the design and operation of natural and artificial wildlife habitats, applicable law and regulations, and related administrative and communications skills.

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