SRTC CIS Students Receive Real-World Application from Guest Lecturer

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CIS Guest Lecturer

In photo: Chris Maroney, Networking Administrator at Flower Foods, guest lectured students in the Computer Information Systems Program at SRTC.

Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) Computer Information Systems (CIS) students recently entertained a very special classroom visitor. Chris Maroney is a Systems Network Engineer at Flower Foods, and has been a SRTC CIST Advisory Committee member for over 5 years. As a past student and instructor of the former Southwest Georgia Technical College, Maroney is able to provide insight to career development in addition to the technical aspects of his field.

The CIST 1122 course serves to provide students with the knowledge of the fundamentals of computer technology, networking, and security along with the skills required to identify hardware, peripheral, networking, and security components with an introduction to the fundamentals of installing and maintaining computers. Students will develop the skills to identify the basic functionality of the operating system, perform basic troubleshooting techniques, utilize proper safety procedures, and effectively interact with customers and peers.

“Students in the CIS department truly benefit from having an industry professional come and speak to the class. The students hear real-world examples of what the CIS industry is like and how the information distributed in the books can be valuable in the workforce. Students were able to ask questions relating to the ‘Power’ topics, but they were also given the chance to ask questions on his job duties and what it is like to work in the CIS industry. We are fortunate to have members of our Advisory Committee who are willing to come and share experiences with our students,” commented Chris Parrish, CIS Instructor.

As a guest lecturer to the Hardware Installation and Maintenance class on power components and electricity, Maroney spoke specifically on the following topics:

  • the two types of electricity (AC and DC) and how they relate to the computer’s internal components
  • the four components of electricity: voltage, current, resistance, power (this was explained in a way that was easy for students to understand and incorporated ‘real world’ examples to clarify)
  • what makes electricity and its importance to a computer technician
  • the computer number line (peta, terra, giga, mega, kilo, mili, micro, nano, pico) and its importance/significance
  • Ohm’s Law and how it relates to computers (time, frequency)
  • calculating time and frequency conversions
  • helpful hints/tips for troubleshooting printers and computer connectors
  • why fiber optics revolutionized communication and how it differs from normal cabling

As was aforementioned, the benefits of having Mr. Maroney speak to the CIST 1122 class go well beyond the knowledge found in a normal classroom setting. He gave troubleshooting tips that are not necessarily in textbooks while tying those to his past personal experiences. He was then able to walk the students through these scenarios and what he did to solve the problem first-hand. He gave useful tips and suggestions of things he had done to work in different and sometimes difficult situations. For example, he once used a pencil eraser to clean the contact points on an adapter and it made the adapter work like new. Maroney also talked quite extensively about safety and how technicians need to make that a top priority.

Maroney also serves as an active member of the CIS Program’s advisory committee. CIS, along with all other programs at SRTC, must have a program advisory committee that meets at least twice per year. These committees promote interaction between the program and the businesses and industries served by the program. Committee members give faculty input about program curriculum and use their expertise to help guide the direction of the program.

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