SRTC Recognizes Distinguished Students

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On May 23rd, 2017 the administration at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) recognized exceptional students achieving the honor of President’s List. The College also recognized students who earned Dean’s List and Merit List honors with a certificate.

Each semester, SRTC recognizes students who have accomplished high academic achievement through the President’s List. In order to qualify for the President’s List, students must meet two criteria: earn a grade of “A” in all coursework attempted and be enrolled in 12 semester credit hours or more at the College. One hundred and fifty-eight made the President’s List for Spring Semester 2017. Each student was awarded a certificate and token of recognition from the College.

President’s List designees for Spring Semester 2017 include Carlene Viohl of Moultrie, Edith Danforth of Thomasville, Gabrielle Rucker of Tifton, Maliscia Lindberg of Thomasville, Rydge Ansley of Cairo, Abigail Boatner of Tifton, Caitlyn Griner of Enigma, Danette Miley of Alapaha, Glendon Baird of Moultrie, Jennifer Musgrove of Moultrie, Joseph Fernandez of Norman Park, Kelvin Thomas of Cairo, Leonard Jones of Camilla, Maurice Blakely of Thomasville, Michael Kinsey of Norman Park, Ryan Davis of Bainbridge, Ryan McCorvey of Thomasville, Scotty Marsh of Adel, Jeremy Walker of Tifton, Amber Harper of Ocilla, Heather Benton of Moultrie, Kelly Caudell of Marietta, Lakyn Davis of Doerun, Michael Arenas of Moultrie, Sharon Davis of Cairo, Carlos Gonzalez of Norman Park, Richard Smith of Norman Park, Jason Anderson of Tifton, Heather Scarbor of Omega, Sheree Hamilton of Norman Park, Morgan Holt of Moultrie, Wendy Light of Lenox, Barbara Lamon of Thomasville, Kayla Johnson of Thomasville, Laquita Smith of Moultrie, Shannon Platt of Thomasville, David Contreras of Moultrie, Jacobo Luna of Moultrie, Nikki Sutton of Hahira, Pamela Pilcher of Valdosta, Pepperann Pittman of Waycross, Sara Fender of Valdosta, Talissa Benton of Pelham, Tina Everett of Thomasville, Whitley Royals of Nashville, Anna Parker of Hartsfield, Brooklin Grimes of Ashburn, Deanna Daniel of Sylvester, Jason Lamb of Barwick, Kendall Wilson of Sylvester, Laura Perez of Enigma, Lauren Smith of Cairo, Selene Belton-Allen of Tifton, Stacy Cherry of Poulan, Tynesia Whitehead of Ashburn, Leslie Hancock of Tifton, William Figueroa of Thomasville, Dylan Thompson of Pavo, Edward Farley of Chula, Megean Dumas of Valdosta, Michael Grantham of Bridgeboro, Santos Hernandez of Cairo, Amber Boyd of Moultrie, Andrea Morris of Thomasville, Applonia Glenn of Thomasville, Brittany Crocker of Boston, Brooke Carter of Whigham, Chasity Garcia-Taylor of Cairo, Dana Harris of Poulan, Hannah Dollar of Ochlocknee, Hannah Hodges of Thomasville, Heather Eaton of Meigs, Jessie Lawson of Thomasville, Jinna Proctor of Thomasville, Kenly Milam of Pavo, Kirsten Blackburn of Thomasville, Malina Covington of Thomasville, Sarah Taylor of Tifton, Stephanie Emmett of Boston, Tammye Trimble of Moultrie, Tiffany Obenoskey of Pelham, Verna Grant of Climax, Veronica Scott of Thomasville, Trae Kingsbury of Thomasville, Darren Hiers of Moultrie, Felix Torres of Tifton, Kaylee Timmons of Ashburn, Eric Rojas of Camilla, Reggie Chapman of Camilla, Walker Lewis of Thomasville, Samantha Sikes of Moultrie, Shirley Thomas of Moultrie, Nathan Hayes of Thomasville, Charles Thornton of Ocilla, David Owen of Tifton, Dustin Wilson of Tifton, Mathew Robinson of Omega, Oscar Macon of Poulan, Alyssa Brown of Sycamore, Ashley Justice of Tifton, Carolyn Padgett of Abbeville, Dakyrae Holmes of Ashburn, Emily McCracken of Meigs, Hunter Henderson of Tifton, Jacob Pratt of Enigma, Jarod Henderson of Sycamore, Jaylen Maloy of Tifton, Kimberly Wenzel of Albany, Logan Hill of Tifton, MarQuavius Prater of Ashburn, Marlee Marlowe of Tifton, Paris Sumner of Moultrie, Quenterion Tennille of Ashburn, Riley Mims of Fitzgerald, Halie McDaniel of Moultrie, Derrick Siddell of Coolidge, Amanda Davis of Cairo, Michelle Robinson of Thomasville, Shaun Spivey of Moultrie, Tiffany Bryant of Thomasville, Deja Chaney of Tifton, Angela Baze of Pelham, David Olguin of TyTy, Jodine Adkins of Sylvester, Sarah Westberg of Cairo, Willie Palmore of Moultrie, Zechariah Cain of Sycamore, Alexander Gomez of Cairo, Brittany Chambless of TyTy, Noah Morrison of Ochlocknee, Zachary Cox of Sylvester, Krystal Troutman of Camilla, Julio Martinez-Ordonez of Moultrie, Katie Ansley of Camilla, Suzanne Higginbotham of Thomasville, X'Andria Green of Boston, Aunna Dunbar of Thomasville, Haley Davis of Camilla, Haley McDonald of Valdosta, Savannah Denham of Pavo, Rhetta Weeks of Thomasville, Amanda Parker of Thomasville, Breanna Gardner of Moultrie, Hilliary Jones of Baconton, Jarred West of Savannah, Katie Adams of Whigham, Sara Ashley of Madison, Sarah Bennett of Enigma, Toni Perryman of Thomasville, Wendy Griffin of Thomasville, Bennie Cox of Ochlocknee, Brandie Skurka of Camilla, Daniel Page of Cairo, David Ward of Thomasville, Henry Grisson of Morven, Justin Taylor of Cairo, Leon Simmons of Thomasville, and William Billingsley of Ochlocknee.

To qualify for Dean’s List students must have completed between 9 and 11 semester credit hours and have earned an A in all coursework attempted. For the Spring 2017 term 124 students achieved this distinction.

Additionally, 611 students were recognized for making the Merit List. To qualify for Merit List a student must be full-time and have completed 12 semester credit hours and have earned an A or B in all coursework attempted.

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