CTDL 1040 - Commercial Driving Internship

4 Credits

4.00 Credit Hours

Pre/Co-Requisite(s): CTDL 1020

Commercial Driving Internship provides the opportunity for an individual to complete his/her training with a company. The internship takes the place of CTDL-1030, Advanced Operations. Working closely with the school a company provides the advanced training which focuses on developing students' driving skills. Each student must receive at least twelve (12) hours behind-the-wheel (BTW) instructional time on the street/road. In addition the student must have a minimum program total of forty-four (44) hours BTW instructional time in any combination (with CTDL 1020) or range and street/road driving. Note: State law requires that whenever a vehicle is operated on public roads an instructor must be present in the truck while the student is driving.