PNSG 2030 - Nursing Fundamentals

6 Credits

6.00 Credits

Pre-requisite(s): ALHS 1011, ALHS 1060, ENGL 1010, MATH 1012, PSYC 1010, and an Acceptable Score on the Health Educational System Incorporated (HESI).

NOTE: Students enrolled in this course are required to complete the entry level occupational work ethics course during the same term.

An introduction to the nursing process. Topics include: nursing as a profession; ethics and law; client care which is defined as using the nursing process, using critical thinking, and providing client education and includes principles and skills of nursing practice, documentation, and an introduction to physical assessment; geriatrics; customer/client relationships; and standard precautions; basic life support; infection control/bloodborne/airborne pathogens and basic emergency care/first aid and triage.