3.3.1sr1 - SRTC Procedure: Maintenance

Custodial Personnel
Custodial services are administered under the direction of the Executive Director of Facilities. Management and supervision is provided by the Director(s) of Facilities and the maintenance supervisor for each Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) site. Both full and part-time staffs are employed to maintain the buildings on each site. Work tasks and schedules are given to each employee when hired. Work Study positions are also utilized to assist custodial staff when available. Work order requests are assigned to staff by the maintenance supervisor as they are received.

Maintenance Personnel
Maintenance services are administered under the direction of the Executive Director of Facilities.. Management and supervision is provided by the Directors of Facilities for the maintenance supervisors. These personnel are responsible for maintaining the buildings and systems on each site.

Major Repairs and Renovations
Major Repairs and Renovation (MRR) projects are funded each year. Project lists are created from staff input and prioritized by the President’s Leadership Cabinet to make necessary repairs or improvements to the facilities.

A custodial supply stock is maintained by the Maintenance Supervisors at all sites. Supply levels are assessed weekly to ensure the availability of adequate cleaning supplies.

Safety Data Sheets
SRTC utilizes MSDSonline.com for its safety data sheets. Access is available to all employees and can be gained by taking the following steps:

  1. Access the SRTC website at www.southernregional.edu
  2. Click on Quick Links
  3. Click on Safety Data Sheets

The Director(s) of Facilities are directly responsible for the maintenance of all building equipment including heating and air. This is accomplished through the maintenance supervisors at each site. Equipment maintenance is completed as the work order system generates Preventative Maintenance work orders as required by the equipment manuals. Equipment repairs are accomplished by either SRTC staff or licensed vendors. The maintenance supervisors are responsible for maintaining custodial and grounds equipment used by staff.

Work Order System
The work order system is utilized to report maintenance issues and manage tasks for completion. The online work order system is available to all faculty and staff to identify any maintenance or custodial needs. Work orders are tracked to be sure that work is completed in a timely manner. Upon completion, the requestor may comment on quality and performance of work.

Deferred Maintenance
Deferred maintenance is maintenance work that is deferred to a future budget cycle or postponed until funds are available. SRTC does not utilize deferred maintenance unless absolutely necessary due to funding. Deferred maintenance is not utilized on any item that may result in increased safety hazards or poor service to the public. The College is allocated bond funds annually for large repair and renovation projects such as roofs and boilers. These funds are called Minor Repair and Renovation (MRR) bind funds.

Fire Safety Equipment
Fire extinguishers are inspected monthly at each site and documented on the tag attached to each unit. Annual inspections and scheduled tests are performed by a licensed vendor. . Fire alarm systems are maintained and tested at each facility annually. Inspection reports are uploaded to the work order system. Fire alarm vendors provide maintenance as needed for systems.

Exit and Emergency Lighting
Exit and emergency lighting is tested monthly per Preventative Maintenance work orders generated by the work order system. Inspections are documented in the work order system.

Safety Equipment
Miscellaneous safety equipment (goggles, gloves, back supports) is provided to all maintenance employees. First aid kits are located throughout the facilities at each location. Maintaining stock levels and replacing expired items are the responsibility of each department.

Grounds Maintenance
Grounds maintenance is performed primarily using contracted services and staff. SRTC employees perform certain tasks not covered by contracted services.

State Laws and Regulations
SRTC is classified as a small quantity generator of hazard waste and is in compliance with the Georgia EPA Division for the handling and disposal of all hazardous waste. All SRTC facilities have been inspected by the Georgia State Fire Marshall’s office for ADA compliance and issued Certificates of Occupancy for all buildings.

Emergency Operations Plan
A SRTC Emergency Operations Plan is in place and available to all employees and students. The Directors of Facilities investigate accidents involving maintenance staff for safe work practices. The SRTC Emergency Operations Plan is evaluated or revised at least once per year by the Safety Committee.

The Executive Director of Facilities has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

SBTCSG Policy 3.3.1: Maintenance
SRTC Emergency Operations Plan

Adopted: 02-02-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015
Revised: 02-07-2017
Revised: 08-23-2018
Revised: 10-10-2019
Revised: 02-03-2021