3.3.3sr - SRTC Procedure: Use of College Facilities

The procedures for using Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) facilities shall be: Persons, groups, or organizations requesting use of school facilities must seek approval to use the facilities using the Request for Utilization of State Facilities Form. The President has designated that the Vice President for Economic Development is responsible for supervising the use of all rooms and/or buildings that are utilized for “non-credit” courses, seminars, workshops, lunch & learns, or other activities. This responsibility includes “non-credit” functions, which involve credit students. It also includes the collection of revenue generated from the use of College facilities. College employees must submit the Room Assignment Request Form to personnel designated on the form for review by the Vice President for Economic Development or his/her designee. Customers or SRTC personnel may occasionally request the use of College facilities for “non-profit” organizations at “no charge.” These requests must be submitted to the Vice President for Economic Development for approval by the President before College facilities can be utilized at “no charge.” Once approval is granted by the College President or his/her designee, the following procedures must be followed:

  • Approved users will be required to sign a License Agreement between Southern Regional Technical College and the user. The master schedule for facility utilization is maintained by Economic Development at each facility location.
  • A security deposit may be required as a condition of approval for all requests.
  • Written confirmation will be issued to all approved users when a signed agreement and deposit, if applicable, have been received by Southern Regional Technical College.
  • All public information and correspondence initiated for the purpose of advertising the facilities or regulating their procurement and use shall contain therein the name, address, and when appropriate, the logo of Southern Regional Technical College.
  • The President of Southern Regional Technical College reserves the right to waive user fees for functions sanctioned by the College.
  • Organizations wishing to use a facility are requested to complete the License Agreement at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled date of use. Prior payment for use of designated facility space must be rendered with the signing of the contract.
  • Media equipment is to be furnished and operated by the user(s) of the facility, not by Southern Regional Technical College, its faculty or staff UNLESS prior arrangements are made at the time the License Agreement is executed.

The Vice President for Economic Development has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

Use of Campus-License Agreement Form

Adopted: 02-09-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015