3.3.4sr1 - SRTC Procedure: Information Technology Allocation and Utilization

Southern Regional Technical College endeavors to maintain state of the art information resources. Information technology resources are essential in the administrative and management functions and in College programs and courses. Educational programs receive priority. Based on Southern Regional Technical College’s adherence to the Technical College System of Georgia's state standards, current information technology is present in the curriculum to ensure that the College’s graduates obtain fundamental knowledge and ability to utilize these resources after graduation. Program Advisory Committees provide recommendations as they deem necessary to the faculty and administrative staff. Information technology personnel are available to assist with trouble-shooting and training needs.

The purpose of the Information Technology Allocation and Utilization Procedure is as follows:

  1. To ensure that computer resource needs of all units are evaluated and appropriate recommendations are made to the administration for the update and acquisition of information technology resources.
  2. To ensure that each instructional unit has the necessary computer resources to use in the instructional process.
  3. To ensure that each administrative unit has the necessary computer resources needed for operation of the student management data system and administrative functions.


  1. Computer Services Allocation – Instructional Faculty

Adequate computer services are generally furnished by placing a sufficient number and type of computers in each program to support course outlines requiring their use.

Computer labs are also available on campus. They may be reserved for instructional use by making a request to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or scheduled through normal class schedule procedures. Priorities for computer usage are established as follows:

  1. An instructional program will have first priority for use of any computer assigned to the program.
  2. Computer labs are placed in facilities near programs that usually request most of their use.
  1. An annual evaluation is made of program equipment during inventory checks and Improvement Budget preparation. Each instructional unit is evaluated as follows:
  1. Faculty review existing hardware/software and make a formal request if there is a need. Changes or additions to state standards should also be considered during this assessment. Identified needs for equipment and justification are included in the SRassist Improvement Budget accessible by the immediate supervisor.
  2. The Information Technology Department evaluates requests, compiles information, prioritizes and submits departmental needs and associated costs to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Administrative Services.
  3. The Information Technology Department will work with the Vice President for Academic Affairs to prepare the Information Technology Plan and will present to the President’s Leadership Cabinet to review, evaluate, and update the Information Technology Plan.
  1. Computer Services Allocation – Administration

Each administrative unit is responsible for addressing in their unit Improvement Budget any current or future needs that include or are impacted by technological needs. This documentation addresses the technological resources required and the associated costs. Identified in the technological resources required are computer hardware and computer software. Any training necessary will be requested in individual Staff Development Plans. The administrative units are also responsible for prioritizing their individual needs/goals in Improvement Budgets and Staff Development Plans.

Information technology resources are determined by the workflow necessary in working with student management data systems. Various offices are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the data files that address the needs of the administration. Those assignments are as follows:

  1. Information Technology Plan

Southern Regional Technical College maintains an Information Technology Plan. This is a perpetual plan for the purpose of providing documentation of computer hardware and software needs. It is developed for a three-year period and is updated yearly by the Executive Director of Information Technology utilizing the data gathered by departments for technology resource update. The plan addresses the purchasing of new equipment where there was previously no equipment, as well as where there are needs to incorporate plans for the upgrading of computer hardware and software due to technological advances. Educational programs receive priority. Priorities on a College-wide basis are determined based on the needs of the various offices as compared to their current status.

The Executive Director of Information Technology has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented.

Adopted: 05-04-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015
Revised: 07-28-2020