3.3.7sr - SRTC Procedure: Tobacco Use

Substantial evidence exists that smoking and/or other forms of tobacco use is unhealthy for those who smoke and for nonsmokers exposed to secondary smoke. Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) developed this procedure to establish a tobacco-free work and learning environment. The regulations of this procedure are as follows:

  1. All SRTC campuses are tobacco-free environments. Tobacco use is prohibited inside and outside all buildings and parking lots and within any College vehicle or any vehicle operated by the College. SRTC prohibits smoking, or any forms of electronic, alternative smoking devices or other forms of tobacco products. Neither smoking nor the use of tobacco products are allowed on any SRTC campus outside of a personal vehicle. Disposing of cigarette/cigar butts, other tobacco products, or tobacco residue in the parking lots or on any SRTC property is not allowed. This procedure applies to all persons while on campus.
  1. Sidewalks, streets, and neighboring property are not to be used as tobacco use areas.
  1. This procedure is communicated through various sources, including but not limited to new employee orientation, new student orientation, catalog/handbook, College procedures, department meetings, employee newsletters, signage, and verbal communication.
  1. Employees are required to follow and support this procedure and to work in a positive manner in influencing other employees, students, and visitors to refrain from any tobacco use. Employees who violate this procedure are subject to the delivery of disciplinary action up to and including dismissal pursuant to the provisions of the State Board policy on Positive Discipline and the TCSG procedure governing Adverse Employment Actions.

The Chief of Police has the overall responsibility for ensuring this procedure is implemented. Administrative employees, faculty, and security employees are responsible for enforcing this procedure. Campus Police will enforce those violations that also violate Georgia Law.

SBTCSG Policy 3.3.7: Tobacco Use

Adopted: 02-09-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015
Revised: 02-07-2017
Revised: 03-02-2021