3.4.1sr - SRTC Procedure: Threats Management

The purpose of this procedure is to protect Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC) employees and property, to the extent possible, from harm and to ensure all threats and incidents of criminal activity on College property are promptly and effectively addressed.

SRTC is committed to provide a campus free from any kind of criminal activity or violence that could result in injury to employees or students or destruction of state property. The President’s Leadership Cabinet shall serve as SRTC’s Collaborative Team for the purpose addressing potential threats and developing procedures to guard against these threats. Specific threats or potential threats will be addressed by the SRTC Campus Police Department or the SRTC SAFE Team as appropriate.

Possible Types of Threats or Violence

  • Violent acts (by an employee, student or outsider)
  • Sabotage
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Bombings
  • Kidnapping
  • Hijacking

Acts of Aggression and Risk Indicators

  • Disorderly Conduct, Such As Shouting, Pushing or Throwing Objects, Punching Walls, or Slamming Doors
  • Fascination With Guns or Other Weapons, Demonstrated by Discussions or Bringing Weapons to Campus
  • Verbal Threats to Inflict Bodily Harm Including Vague or Overt Threats
  • Obscene Phone Calls
  • Intimidating Presence
  • Harassment of Any Nature

Five Components of Prevention

  • Management Commitment
  • Employee/ Student involvement
  • Campus Analysis
  • Hazard Prevention and Control Plan
  • Training and Education

Management Commitment

  • PLC will serve as the Collaborative Planning Team as required by TCSG for all emergency planning including threats management, emergency operations, and business continuity. A coordinator for each plan is designated.
  • SRTC will take all reports of threats and violence seriously and will investigate all such reports.
  • SRTC will act promptly to address all situations that pose a risk to the well-being of employees and/or students with guidance from the PLC and the SAFE Team.

SRTC Location Analysis
On a regular basis, the Safety Committee will conduct a SRTC Location Analysis to assess the College’s facilities potential for threats and violence, make appropriate recommendations about facility security, assist with training, and respond to reports of threats or violence.

Hazard Prevention and Control Plan
In order to ensure that hazards are minimized, the Safety Committee will conduct regular safety audits. In addition, input will be requested from faculty, staff and students about existing hazards. Finally, a systematic corrective action plan will be followed in order to either eliminate or correct identified hazards.

Training and Education
SRTC provides new employees information on the SRTC Policy and Procedure Manual, which includes information on standards of conduct for employees. Students are provided information during orientation, which includes the student code of conduct. All students and employees are required to report any violent or threatening behavior to Campus Police and Security.

SRTC Safety Committee
The SRTC Safety Committee is responsible for determining and communicating policies and procedures pertinent to all SRTC facilities; for appropriate training; and for acting as a clearinghouse for best practices.

Team Objectives
The SRTC Safety Committee’s charge is to:

  • Gauge the potential for various threats at SRTC locations,
  • Assess the severity of these potential threats,
  • Develop plans and procedures to tighten local security to guard against high-probability or high-severity threats,
  • Arrange for employee and student communication and training, as necessary, to support implementation of security procedures,
  • Follow up to ensure recommended security precautions are in place and effective, and
  • Provide leadership and expertise in case of an actual emergency.

Procedures – Employee Responsibilities
All employees or students who have (1) witnessed, (2) knowledge of, or (3) been subjected to prejudice, threats, harassment, intimidation, violence, or a criminal act are required to immediately verbally report the incident to Campus Police and Security, along with their Supervisors or Instructors. Campus Police will make a written report of any incidents that occur on SRTC property or within the jurisdiction of the Campus Police Department. The Chief of Police (or designee) will communicate with the President, the Vice President of the appropriate division, and the SAFE Team on any reports of threatening behavior or acts of violence.

All employees and students are empowered to call 911 or contact Campus Police and Security without first informing his/her supervisor or instructor if a life-threatening situation exists which warrants immediate intervention by the law enforcement.

Procedures – Involving Armed Intruder, Hostages, and Secure in Place:
It is of upmost importance to have all offices, classrooms, safe areas, etc. locking mechanisms to be in locked position at all times doors can be open, but will be locked when shut.

It is extremely important that an immediate call to 9-911 be made as soon as an armed intruder or hostage situation are observed:

  • Contact 9-911 or have someone contact 9-911.
  • Give as much information about the intruder and the situation as possible, including exact location where the intruder was observed.
  • Contact Campus Police and Security. Campus Police and Security will be responsible for contacting the President and the PLC.


  1. Secure in place procedures will be initiated by Campus Police and Security along with the appropriate administrators. This alert will include use of the SRTC Alert System, intercom systems, and other methods of communication necessary to transmit the information as quickly as possible.
  2. Once the alert code has been received, faculty and staff must immediately implement shelter in place procedures.
  3. If students are not in class when the procedures are announced, students should proceed to a safe place.
  4. Doors should be in the locked position at all times.
  5. Once the teachers have secured/locked the room they should immediately advise students to move away from doors and windows and to get on the floor and behind desks.
  6. Instructors should brief students to turn cell phone off and lights out in the classroom.
  7. Faculty, staff, and students should not leave a secure area (classroom, office, etc.) until receiving instructions from Campus Police and Security, outside law enforcement, or an SRTC Administrator.
  8. Once secured, faculty, staff, or students should not open a secured door unless directed to by law enforcement or an SRTC Administrator whom they recognize by sight and voice.


  1. Once any danger has passed, and it has been determined that EVACUATION will not be required, Secure in Place will be terminated. Normal procedures will be initiated by the College emergency intercom, phone or other means as quickly as possible. In addition, mass broadcasts to all computers will be used to further notify faculty and staff.
  2. The normal functions of the College or Department may resume at that time.

Threats – Approaching the Threatening Person:
No member of the Safety Committee, employee, or student should attempt to approach a threatening person. Employees or students are neither expected nor should they risk personal injury to themselves or others in order to resolve a threatening or potentially violent situation. These matters should be handled by the police.

Employees and students should react according to the following steps:

  1. If a weapon has been seen, do not approach the person. Immediately, dial 911 and contact Campus Police and Security, then initiate the appropriate threat response plan and cooperate with law enforcement.
  2. If the person does not appear to pose an immediate threat but there is still cause for concern, contact Campus Police and Security or the SAFE Team. Employees should also inform his or her direct supervisor.
  3. Although every situation cannot be anticipated, the following “THREATS/ VIOLENCE ACTION / RESPONSE GUIDE” is provided to assist with most likely situations that could occur.
Action Response
Gun/ Weapon Visible in Vehicle or Employee/ Student Reports Gun in Vehicle

Contact Campus Police and Security.

Disorderly Conduct such as shouting, pushing, throwing object, punching walls, intimidating presence, or harassment.

Immediately contact Campus Police and Security.

Passing / Idle Comment

Example: "I'll get even with you."

Contact Campus Police and Security or the SAFE Team.

Act of Violence Contact Campus Police and Security or dial 911.

Other Procedures:

Depending on the level of threat or violence, and at the President's discretion, additional steps may be taken to ensure the safety of the faculty, staff, and students.

Threats and Violence -- Investigation
Campus Police are responsible for conducting a thorough and timely investigation. Those incidents will also be reported to the SAFE Team for follow up actions.

Southern Regional Technical College reserves the right to conduct searches and inspections of College-provided materials, such as desks, personal computer files, cabinets, file drawers, lockers, or packages, without notice. Security or Administration staff members conducting searches should always be accompanied by another Security or Administration staff member.

Any illegal or unauthorized articles discovered may be taken into custody and may be turned over to law enforcement authorities.

Any employee or student who refuses to submit to a search or found in possession of prohibited articles will be subject to suspension.

Incidents of threats and violence will be documented by Campus Police in an incident report.

To protect student and employee privacy, all investigations of a possible threat will be conducted on a need-to-know basis. Employees or students reporting a possible case of threats or violence should be discouraged from discussing details of the case with anyone other than Campus Police and Security or the SAFE Team.

Procedure Dissemination:
To all SRTC faculty and staff members.

The Chief of Police has the overall responsibility for implementing this procedure.

SRTC Accident / Incident Report Form

Approved: 03-09-2015
Implemented: 07-01-2015
Revised: 03-16-2021