7.1.1p5SR - SRTC Procedure: Clery Act Compliance

The purpose of this procedure is to serve as a supplement to TCSG Procedure 7.1.1p5SR – Clery Act Compliance, to outline the roles and responsibilities for compliance, and to develop effective internal controls for those processes that are a part of Clery Act Compliance at Southern Regional Technical College (SRTC).

The President of SRTC will appoint a SRTC Clery Compliance Committee Chairperson who is responsible for and has the authority to schedule committee meetings, delegating tasks to committee members based on area of expertise, and managing all aspects of Clery Act Compliance requirements. The Chairperson shall be appointed from administrators within the SRTC President’s Leadership Cabinet.

Procedure Dissemination:
The SRTC Procedure: Cleary Act Compliance will be disseminated to all SRTC faculty and staff members.

The SRTC Clery Act Compliance Committee Chairperson, the SRTC Chief of Police, has the overall responsibility for implementing this procedure. Committee membership and chairperson designation will be documented yearly and updated as necessary.

Section 1. Clery Act Compliance Committee
SRTC will have a Clery Act Compliance Committee with representatives from the following areas:

  • Campus Police
  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Title IX

Other departments and SRTC employees may be called on for assistance with compliance efforts as needed and are required to give such assistance as requested by the Committee. The will meet quarterly, at a minimum, to plan and coordinate all compliance efforts.

Section 2. Internal Controls
The SRTC Cleary Act Committee will develop a framework of internal controls for all Clery Act requirement compliance activities. This committee will be the oversight authority for Clery Act Compliance for Southern Regional Technical College.

Section 3. Written Procedures
The Committee will develop specific written procedures to outline compliance efforts to include, but not limited to:

  • Compiling, classifying, and counting crime and disciplinary action statistics as required by the Clery Act.
  • Preparing and publishing the Annual Security Report yearly as required by the Clery Act.
  • Reporting Crime and Disciplinary Action statistics to the Department of Education yearly as required.
  • Identification, training, and maintaining a current roster of those employees identified as Campus Security Authorities.
  • Produce, maintain, and make available the Daily Crime Log as required.
  • Identifying and maintain a current list of all SRTC owned or leased properties.
  • Developing procedures for the issuance of Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings as required by the Clery Act and maintain a record of such notifications and warnings.

Reviewing and updating those institutional policy statements in the Annual Security Report that are required by the Clery Act which include, but are not limited to:

  • Reporting of crime or other emergencies
  • Campus Security, Law Enforcement Jurisdiction
  • Security of and access to campus facilities
  • Crime Prevention
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Dating Violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking
    • Primary and ongoing educational programs and campaigns
    • Procedures for victims
    • Information on confidentiality for crime victims and other parties
    • Written notification to students and employees about institutional and community services
    • Written notification to victims about available assistance
    • Procedures for institutional disciplinary action
    • Written explanation of victim’s rights and options
  • Educational Programs or Campaigns
    • Alcohol and Drugs (Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act))
    • Dating Violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking
    • Sexual Harassment

The SRTC Chief of Police will ensure the activities of the committee are documented and that appropriate audit trails are maintained.


7.1.1p5 TCSG Procedure:Clery Act Compliance

Approved: 04-20-21